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Ukraine kept the US-made F-16 on its list of desired weapons after the Russian invasion last year.

But Washington and Kyiv see artillery, armored vehicles and ground-based air defense systems as more pressing needs as Ukraine seeks to protect civilian infrastructure and repel territory occupied by Russian forces.

As Ukraine prepares to launch a new offensive to retake territory in the spring, the U.S. Defense Department campaign for fighter jets is gaining momentum, according to a Defense Department official and two other people briefed on the matter.

These people, along with others interviewed for this article, asked not to be named, the American media reports.

Buoyed in part by the swift approval of Patriot tanks and air defense systems, there is renewed optimism in Kyiv that American jets could be next.

"I don't think we're against it," a senior Defense Department official said of the F-16, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive debate.

He emphasized that there is no final decision yet.

However, Ukraine has not yet declared that fighter jets are its priority, the official stressed, noting that the Pentagon is focused on sending Kiev the capabilities it needs to fight immediately.

We will remind that earlier 

the Air Force explained why Ukraine needs F-16 fighters and what makes them special

American President Joe Biden is also

discussing the possibility of providing Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets

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