Deputy of the Zakarpattia Regional Council Yudita Petei posted a photo of the map of Transcarpathia, half of which is painted in the colors of the Hungarian flag, on her website. 

This was reported by the publication "" with a link to Petya's Facebook page.

It should be noted that the deputy is a member

of the pro-Orban party "KMCS "Party of Hungarians of Ukraine". By the way, Petya's post took place against the background of her impulses to accuse ethnic Hungarians of oppression in Transcarpathia.

On the picture was written "God, the harrows of Transcarpathia."

The deputy later deleted the photo from Facebook.

However, he has already managed to shine on the Internet.


Scandalous statements of Prime Minister Orban 

The other day, during a meeting with journalists in Budapest, the Hungarian

Prime Minister said that he does not believe in the victory of Ukraine

, and also believes that it is gradually turning into an uncontrolled ruin.

Like, so that the West could not claim it "as a prize".

Orban also

said that he will veto new EU sanctions against Russia

if they affect Russia's nuclear energy industry.

According to him, the sanctions introduced against Russia allegedly do not help Ukraine liberate its territory, but only harm the economies of European countries.

In addition,

Orbán expressed the opinion that the West has started a "cold war"


That is why Hungary should maintain relations with its opponents.

At most - he believes that his state should be a mediator between the West and the East.

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