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Important changes for drivers came up for discussion in parliament.

Among them is the proposal that traffic light cameras in big cities monitor for violators who will be punished by the traffic police - for example, for speeding and running a red light.

The importers from GERB - SDS propose that the cameras on the traffic lights should be monitored not only for speed and red lights, but also for improper parking and idling.

Currently, these devices only log, with no consequences for violators.

There are over 600 municipal cameras in Sofia alone.

And with 300 of them, non-compliance with the rules/law can be monitored immediately.

Youths broke and stole security cameras in Pernik

Deputies have until February 2, including, to vote on the bill.

If they fail to do so, it goes down in history.

A truck driver runs a red light.

After a collision with a car, he leaves.

And the injured driver parked on the sidewalk.

At the same time – at another intersection, a police patrol stopped incorrectly.

Third point in Sofia - there are three offenders, they stopped in the active traffic lane.

The law currently does not provide for penalties for offenders caught by municipal cameras.

“The radar boards we put up are reporting striking results.

There are already over 300 cars that have been detected at over 200 km/h in Sofia.

That's why we provide full access to municipal cameras across the country to traffic police.

Our goal is to stop the killers on the road," commented Georgi Georgiev, author of the proposals for changes and chairman of the SOS, to BTV.

If the changes are adopted, there will also be fines for running red lights, improper stopping and parking and speeding captured by council cameras.

"We currently have 32 radar panels installed that detect speed.

They will be able to be used in combination with the cameras, which can actually record the violation itself and the violator," commented Dimitar Petrov from the "Traffic Management and Analysis" Directorate of the Metropolitan Municipality.

In order for the control to be legal, each such board will have to pass a special check for accurate speed measurement.

If the devices do not meet the requirements, however, new radars will have to be purchased.

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