“He said since taking office that he would sweep his own house with more than 200,000 police officers. If anyone has any clues, please contact the 191 and 1599 hotlines, as well as the Inspector General's complaints system online.

also instructed the enforcer

High command to go to the area to assure the public that if this policeman is not good

We will take the matter and if there is an issue, don't prosecute, just the police with an issue.

Take action against the commander because it is considered that he does not supervise his subordinates.”

Confirmation of Pol. Gen. Damrongsak

Kittipraphat, Commander-in-Chief of the Police since the first day he took office

Chief of Police to solve the problem

"Out-of-line policemen" sweep the police's homes clean.

Make Thai people believe and have faith in the police organization.

For almost 4 months, Pol. Gen. Damrongsak

Take the lead of the khaki leader.

has consistently followed the policy

Sweeping rubbish under the rug that piles up in the police organization

clean white police


in the eyes of society

Transfer the level of commanders of southern border provinces accused of being involved in drug cases and influential people.

eastern commander

Suspect cases helping influence gangs to collect debts, organize the commander-in-chief to the commander-in-chief

Immigration police involved

"Gray Chinese scholarships" disguise help issuing student visas

sack the investigator

And the Metropolitan Police helped in the case of "Du Hao" releasing illegal, unregulated vehicles, affecting the police's confidence in the people's brothers and sisters.

Police case 191 went to search the house of the former consul of Nauru in Thailand.

money is requested

embezzling money, destroying evidence, and letting the Chinese accused on red warrants escape.

This is what the police chief has always done, willing to cut his own blood.

willing to hurt to have to cut the subordinate's teeth

Pol. Gen. Damrongsak

who has experience working in the area with the police station knows that

At present, the condition of Thai society has changed.

It's a world of technology.

everything is recorded

can be published within seconds

If the police do not do well

would be criticized by society

Punishment, no one is immune to technology.

Whoever does something will receive what he does.

There is no secret in this modern world.

As a result, as soon as he assumed the position, the commander of the police commanded the unit to supervise the performance of the police under his jurisdiction.

who does good deeds

Propose awards according to the project.

“Good deeds are rewarded” and those who do not do so must be punished.

Recently, the case of "Thai police clip" in which Chinese female tourists pay money in exchange for facilitating entry to Suvarnabhumi Airport and using a vehicle to lead a convoy to Pattaya's accommodation is shared with people who cannot accept the behavior of the police


Commander-in-Chief of the Police urgently ordered Pol. Gen. Achayaon Kraithong, spokesman of the Police, clarified, assigning Pol.

Two tourist police were found, namely Pol. Capt. Sompol Phinyosamosorn, Deputy Inspector, Division 3 (responsible for Suvarnabhumi Airport), Tourist Police Division 1, and Maj. Khajornsak Phaenpha, Group Commander, Division 3. Tourism Division 1, 2 central traffic police, namely Police Colonel Thanakorn Nukulthanakit and Police Colonel Thanawat Simakachonboon, ordered to transfer away from the affiliation and check whether the commander had neglected or not.

The commander-in-chief of the police ordered an examination on all issues concerning cars, wages, coordination, how many times have you done it, is it a movement?

not protecting the police

but examined for fairness

Get the facts and be ready to punish immediately.

Pol. Gen. Damrongsak

Kittipraphat, the commander-in-chief of the police, told the “crime news team” that “I am not worried that now there are only bad news about the police.

But it is considered to be an inspection, if there is a bad spot, it must be corrected.

Many matters require time to review, so we cannot jump to conclusions at all.

Ask people to calm down because the police are speeding up every case.

“Have ordered the Inspector General to take decisive action, the police officers who appear in the clip.

and expand the results if there are outsiders involved in any way

Ensuring that all police officers in all subordinates

Do not act in such manner again.

Otherwise, every case will be subject to severe criminal and disciplinary action.”

Pol. Gen. Wisnu Prasarttong-Osoth, Commander of the Royal Thai Police, emphasized that “the policy is clear that if there is evidence and evidence, disciplinary action will be taken on all cases without exception.

If the commander protects or neglects, he will be held accountable and punished.

It can be seen that in the past year, 229 police officers were discharged from government service, which is quite a lot.

Rather, it shows society that we take and deal with police offenders seriously and seriously.

If it appears clear that any police officer commits a serious disciplinary offense, the supervisor of the agency must take disciplinary action decisively and quickly.

which I have always emphasized is to

"Decisively and quickly" is to set up a committee to investigate serious disciplinary matters and issue an order to discharge all of them from government service first.

Without having to wait until the investigation is complete, and if there is criminal grounds, criminal proceedings must also be taken in all cases.”

It is one of the important roles of the Commander-in-Chief of the Police and the National Guard.

bad police punishment

“Police out of line” encourages police to reward good deeds with contributions to keep police in discipline.

build confidence among the people

For more than 3-4 months, Pol. Gen. Damrongsak

under pressure from

police organizing policy

and the voices of people in society who suspect police behavior

But it is what the commander-in-chief predicted since the day the policy was handed over.

coming out to sweep the house of the police

inevitably brings bad things to society

Better than pile up under the rug

that the commander-in-chief of the police chased and swept away

Take action against bad cops.

to organize

police discipline

considered to be on the right path

believe that the people of the Thai people are encouraged

really want the police to reform their work

The reform must start from the police themselves.

The police must be the ideal police that society expects, which is what Pol. Gen. Damrongsak

think and do with full

believe that soon

The police will be better in the eyes of the public.

crime news team