The new cabinet is facing the upcoming new session of the Legislative Yuan. The ruling and opposition legislators are also taking stock of the bills that should be promoted first. The Democratic Progressive Party Caucus chief Ke Jianming said that the special bill for the sharing of economic achievements by the whole people is imperative.

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[Reporter Yang Chengyu/Taipei Report] President Tsai Ing-wen announced that former Vice President Chen Chien-jen will take over as the Premier. In the face of the upcoming new session of the Legislative Yuan, the ruling and opposition legislators are also taking stock of the bills that should be promoted first.

Ke Jianming, the chief convener of the Democratic Progressive Party League, said that he would respect Xin Gekui's opinion, but the "special bill to strengthen economic and social resilience after the epidemic and share economic achievements with all people" is imperative; , subject to negotiation between the government and the opposition.

Zeng Mingzong, chief secretary of the Kuomintang League, pointed out that the budget for the discovery fund should be compiled and sent to the Legislative Yuan as soon as possible; and the draft related to labor insurance annuity reform should also be sent to the Legislative Yuan for review as soon as possible.

Ke Jianming: The priority bill respects Xin Gekui's ideas

Regarding the priority bill for the new session, Ke Jianming was interviewed and said that this part respects the ideas of the new cabinet and will discuss it with the party group again. The only thing is that the special regulations are "imperative"; the special regulations will be reviewed on the 18th of this month, and the fastest will The vote can only be made on the 17th of May, but negotiations between the government and the opposition are still required before the vote.

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Ke believes that it is difficult to achieve consensus on the version of the four-party group, so it is most important to deal with this case first.

After the regulations are passed by the Legislative Yuan, the Government Yuan can compile the budget and submit it for review. Xin Gekui has to go to the Legislative Yuan for consultation and then submit it to the committee for review. It is estimated that the cash will not be released until April after leaving the Legislative Yuan.

In addition, Ke Jianming also mentioned that based on the foundation laid by Su Kui, if the Kuomintang group wanted to take advantage of Chen Jianren, "I am afraid it is not as simple as they imagined."

Chen is very familiar with local and central affairs, and has a basis for cooperation in the past. In the future, through the coordination and integration of the government, the academy, the party and the party group, a strong and effective combat system will be formed to meet future challenges at home and abroad; Announced one after another, "We are very confident to face the challenges in the future."

Zeng Mingzong: The labor insurance annuity reform draft will be sent for review

In an interview, Zeng Mingzong pointed out that in the new session, the Kuomintang League will first focus on the "discovery money", and the special regulations are expected to be passed by the end of February at the earliest. To the Legislative Yuan.

Secondly, Zeng Mingzong said that when Chen Jianren was the vice president, he served as the convener of the pension reform committee, and also chaired the national reform meeting in January 2017. However, the labor insurance pension reform has not yet been completed.

Therefore, he called on the Political Council to send the revised draft of some provisions of the Labor Insurance Regulations (labor insurance annuity reform draft) to the Legislative Yuan for review as soon as possible; Allocate a supplement of 100 billion to 150 billion yuan to maintain financial stability.

The People's Party and Shi Li focus on the law on the equalization of land rights

Zhang Qilu, a legislator of the People's Party, said that the new session will pay special attention to the relevant sub-laws and internal regulations after the amendment of the equalization of land rights regulations.

Secondly, after the amendment of the Climate Change Response Act is passed, follow-up regulations on carbon fees and other related regulations will continue to be paid attention to.

Qiu Xianzhi, general secretary of the Times Power Party Group, emphasized that the laws and regulations on land rights equalization will be the focus of the new session; the root cause of the problem of real estate speculation still needs to be solved by raising the housing tax that raises the cost of ownership, so I hope the Executive Yuan can propose Draft amendments to the House Tax Act.

In addition, in order to improve the problem of low wages, we also hope that the minimum wage law will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Legislative Yuan new session priority bill