German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

Olaf Scholz is a German politician from the Social Democratic Party (GSDP).

From December 2021, he leaves today on a four-day tour of South America.

He will visit Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

This is his first visit to the region since heading the German government at the end of 2021, DPA reported.

The social democrat's first stop is Argentina, tomorrow he will go to Chile, and then on a two-day visit to Brazil - the largest and most populous country on the continent.

All three countries are currently led by leftist leaders.

The chancellor wants to expand Germany's international contacts and reduce its energy dependence on Russia after its invasion of Ukraine.

Because of this, Scholz has already been to Asia three times and made a grand tour of Africa.

Scholz leaves for Argentina, will look for "white gold" for BMW

South America has large deposits of raw materials, including lithium, which is an important element for the production of electric vehicles.

Europe as a whole is struggling to reduce its dependence on China for key minerals to achieve the much-desired carbon-neutral economy - minerals the continent is rich in, BTA informs.

The chancellor is accompanied by a business delegation of about a dozen managers.

The visit will also focus on stalled free trade negotiations with Mercosur countries, which include Argentina and Brazil.

These two countries are also members of the G20, the association of the world's 20 largest economies.

Olaf Scholz

South America