Easy to carry:

Kimos thermos takes only 3 minutes to boil water to 100 degrees Celsius, holds 360 ml of liquid, can boil water 5 times on a full charge.

And can keep hot for 4 hours. The design has a mechanism to prevent hot water from leaking out.

And the flask will not be hot if it is an empty flask without water.

suitable for use outside

And there is also a battery status indicator, priced at 89 US dollars or about 2,900 baht.

Write on the fly:

Lenovo introduces Smart Paper, a 10.3-inch E-Ink tablet that lets you conveniently write with a stylus on the screen in your own handwriting.

E-Books and PDF documents can be annotated instantly, and audio can be converted to text.

And there is a bi-colored front light for reading in low light.

You can also sync data to your phone or laptop.

The battery lasts for weeks on a single charge.

It will be available later this year for $ 399.99 or about 13,070 baht.

Scrubbing the bathroom:

Autobot Scrubbot, a robot to scrub the bathroom

The world's first floor scrubber with new innovations researched and developed by Thai people.

don't waste energy

Comes with great functions, for example, you can set the bathroom floor scrubbing time in 3 periods from 20 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes, thoroughly clean with 3 cleaning patterns, access to all areas throughout the bathroom.

No worries about small spots that are invisible, strong, resistant to corrosion from toilet cleaners.

Clean as if you had to scrub by yourself with the pressure from the weight of the machine 1.75 kg. Deep stains are easily removed with the innovative Strong Power Motor floor brush. The opening price is 7,900 baht from the normal price of 12,900 baht.

Breakthrough design:

LG introduces the LG XBOOM360 Portable Bluetooth Speaker XO3Q with upgraded surround sound delivery.

Compact design as a soundbar speaker

wireless connection

And light weight, easy to carry, comes in a compact size.

Available in black and beige and priced at only 8,990 baht.