Tomorrow, January 29, in the Orthodox calendar , is the


of worshiping the honest chains of the Apostle Peter


He was a well-known leader of the Christian faith and its sincere follower.

Somehow they threw Peter in chains and put him in prison for all his actions.

It happened in about 42 years.

On the night before the trial, the Lord appeared before him, broke the chains and brought Peter out of prison.

When the Christians learned about this miracle, they took the holy chains to keep them as jewelry.

Then they came to those chains and prayed in order to be cured of diseases.

Currently, the chains are kept in Rome, but every year on January 29 they are brought to the people.

In honor of the apostle, on January 29, the people celebrate a holiday -

Peter's Day


Signs of January 29

Folk signs on January 29 / Photo: Pexels

  • if the chicken stands on only one leg, there will be frosts;

  • it snows until early spring;

  • the south wind blows - it gets cold quickly;

  • On January 29, a blizzard — the summer will be rainy.

What can't be done tomorrow

On this day, the Orthodox Church forbids gossiping, cursing and laziness.

It is also worth monitoring the availability of products, because if they are not available on January 29, it means that the rest of the winter will be spent in hunger.

What can be done tomorrow

On January 29, our ancestors assessed the state of the silos and saw how much fodder was left for the livestock.

The Apostle Peter has long been considered the patron saint of domestic animals, so it is better to treat them with special care.

On the night of January 29, you can see a dream that will help you deal with your relationship with the opposite sex.

If it was a good dream, it means that you will be fine together.

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