Australia has lost a small container containing radioactive cesium-137, and authorities have urged people not to touch it if they find it.

(Picture taken from Department of Fire and Emergency Services WA Facebook)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A small container containing radioactive cesium 137 was lost between Perth, the capital of Western Australia, and the mining town of Newman (Newman) from January 10 to 16. Do not touch.

According to the "BBC" report, cesium 137 is often used in mining operations. At that time, the container was lost during the transportation of the mine. It is characterized by a metal cylinder, 6 mm long and 8 mm high. The relevant units are currently conducting an urgent search. , both the origin and destination of the shipment have been searched.

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The Western Australian Fire and Emergency Service (DFES) stated that the cesium-137 container whose whereabouts are unknown cannot be made into a nuclear weapon, but there may be human risks such as radiation damage and cancer after contact. If the public thinks they have seen or touched the container , must be notified immediately to DFES.

Andrew Robertson, president of the Radiological Society of Western Australia, said that the lost container would emit radiation, and they were worried that the person who picked it up might think it was an interesting gadget, keep it in the room or car, or even Give it to others to play with.