European and American countries have successively announced the provision of various main combat vehicles for Ukraine, and the assistance of air power is also being prepared intensively.

France recently stated that it does not rule out providing fighters to Ukraine, which may be Rafale fighters or Mirage 2000-C fighters.

The picture shows the French Air Force Rafale fighter.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, European and American countries have successively announced the provision of various main combat vehicles to Ukraine, and air power assistance is also being intensively prepared.

France recently said it would not rule out supplying Ukraine with Rafale or Mirage 2000-C fighter jets.

The American online media "The Drive" military column "The War Zone" (The War Zone) reported on the 27th that Thomas Gassilloud, chairman of the National Defense and Armed Forces Committee of the French National Assembly, was in talks with British Defense Minister Ben Wallace Later, the French government agreed to provide fighter jets to Ukraine.

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Gasilou pointed out that the French government has certain conditions for the provision of fighter jets, the most important of which is to judge whether the provision of fighter jets will constitute a point of conflict that will escalate the war between Russia and Ukraine, and thus bring Russia into conflict with NATO.

Ukrainian air force spokesman Ignat (Yuriy Ignat) also said that France has put forward a proposal for military aid to the Rafale fighter jets and has been negotiating with France for quite a long time.

But he also said: "We must work hard to solve this problem."

The Rafale fighter is an active fighter of the French Air Force. The latest version of the Rafale is equipped with an RBE2 active phased array radar (AESA) and an advanced electronic warfare system.

In terms of weapons, it will be able to carry advanced missiles such as Meteor BVR air-to-air missiles, Storm Shadow cruise missiles and Exocet anti-ship missiles.

However, "Theatre" believes that the Mirage 2000-C fighter is also a possible model, because it was retired from the French Air Force in June last year, and its performance is not bad.

However, the Mirage 2000-C lacks long-range air-to-air missiles and is only equipped with medium-range Super 530 air-to-air missiles; and long-range air-to-air missiles are the weapons that the Ukrainian Air Force urgently needs.