Military expert Oleg Zhdanov called the Russian T-80BV tank of Soviet production the most dangerous for the Ukrainian army.

Zhdanov told about this on the air of his video blog.

"I think that

the T-80BV tank can be the most dangerous tank for us

," the expert said. 

He also described the characteristics of this tank.

"The fact is that the T-80 was made on the basis of the T-64. Structural changes to the undercarriage and turret came a little later with the installation of a gas turbine engine. Then it was decided to change the undercarriage, that is, the transmission of the tank, to change the suspension for gas- turbine engine. Next, the shape of the tower was slightly changed, but the barrel and automatic loader - most importantly - were taken from the T-64 tank. The rate of fire in the T-80 is the same as in the T-64: eight shots per minute," he said Zhdanov.

He added that the T-80 tank has a very small range - 360 km on fuel and 300-320 km in combat operation.

It will be recalled that the ex-director of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, Mykola Malomuzh, expressed the opinion that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will create a shock fist from the tanks of the Western allies for the offensive in the southern and eastern regions.

Malomuzh also assured that the Russian Federation understands that the supply of tanks, armored personnel carriers, missile systems, and long-range ammunition to Ukraine is actually a loss in the war. 

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