The Central Office of the New Azerbaijan Party issued a statement regarding the armed attack on the embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to the information given to APA by the party, the statement reads:

"The armed attack on the embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Islamic Republic of Iran on January 27 at around 8:30 Baku time caused serious concern and great anger among the members of the New Azerbaijan Party as well as the entire Azerbaijani community.

The Republic of Azerbaijan, known in the world as an example of tolerance, a land of multiculturalism, a supporter of peace and stability, which attaches great importance to peaceful coexistence, civilized development and protection of universal values, rejects all forms and manifestations of terrorism and strongly condemns it.

The nefarious forces behind this act of vandalism targeting our state and people should know that they are inhumane, against national and religious values, civil relations and international law norms, to influence and pressure Azerbaijan with such ugly methods, to force it to make any concessions and independent it is impossible to turn back from the policy.

The results of the 44-day Patriotic War and the subsequent processes showed that Azerbaijan is capable of preventing any threat, crushing the head of terrorism, which has been rooted in the region for years, and realizing all its strategic goals.

Creating new realities in the region, becoming a power center as the leading state of the South Caucasus,

As the New Azerbaijan Party, it strongly condemns this treacherous act of terrorism, offers its deepest condolences to the family and relatives of the martyred Orkhan Asgarov, prays for the recovery of our wounded brothers, and demands from the Islamic Republic of Iran that the incident be fully investigated and given a legal assessment, that the terrorist who committed the bloody provocation and those behind him be duly punished. finally, by apologizing to the people of Azerbaijan, we demand an end to the hysteria and propaganda that has been going on for a long time against our country, and to provide accurate and correct information about the true nature of the incident!"