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Today, the snowfall in most areas of Western Bulgaria will temporarily stop.

In Eastern Bulgaria, the precipitation will be rain and significant in quantity.

Mostly rain will also fall along the Danube, NIMH reported.

It will blow to a moderate east-northeast wind, which after noon will orient itself from the northwest, in Eastern Bulgaria from the north, and cold air will begin to penetrate with it.

In the evening, the snowfall in Western and Central Northern Bulgaria will become active again.

Maximum temperatures will be between 1° and 6°, higher in the eastern regions up to 9°-10°, in Sofia around 2°.

It will be cloudy and foggy in the mountains.

Light snow will fall, which will intensify in the evening.

The wind will weaken to moderate and will be oriented from the northeast, only on the highest peaks of Rila and Pirin will be from the south-southeast.

The maximum temperature at a height of 1200 meters will be around minus 1°, at 2000 meters - around minus 4°.

It will be cloudy and rainy along the Black Sea.

Significant rainfall is expected.

A moderate east-northeast wind will blow.

Maximum temperatures will be 9°-10°.

The temperature of the sea water is 8-9°.

The excitement of the sea will be 3-4 points.

Yellow code for rain in Eastern Bulgaria

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