Ukraine wants to get exactly


-16 fighters, because they are multifunctional.

Pilots would be able to perform both combat missions and strengthen the defense of the sky on these planes.

Yuriy Ignat, spokesman for the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said this during a briefing.

According to him, if the partners provided these fighters, it would greatly help Ukraine on the way to victory and deoccupation of its lands.

Ignat says that Ukrainian pilots believe that they will be able to master the fighters in a few weeks.

However, he noted that flying and landing is one thing, and fighting on these fighters is another.

"Namely, to use all types of weapons that the F-16 has, which can attack ground targets with various types of weapons (bombs, missiles, etc.), and also become part of air defense, protecting the sky from air attacks. Therefore, this type of multi-purpose aircraft, which is the most common in the world today, could be the best candidate for the Air Force to become the primary type of multi-role aircraft," he explained.

The air force spokesman reminded that Ukraine currently has four types of aircraft in service: Su-27 and MiG-29 (fighters), Su-25 (attack aircraft) and Su-24 (bomber).

"But the F-16 can combine and perform all these functions of four aircraft. That's why more attention is paid to it in terms of providing it to Ukraine," he noted.

Ignat added that the list of pilots who, in the event of the transfer of F-16 aircraft, will fly them, has already been drawn up.

"This list has been ready for a long time. Maybe there will be some changes, because we are at war. The commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Mykola Oleschuk has already approved it...And we are talking not only about the need for pilots, but also aviation engineers, etc.," he noted. added that it is necessary to prepare the airport infrastructure so that pilots can safely land on the runway, and "this work is already underway."

It should be noted that the F-16 belongs to the light multi-purpose fighters, which was created in the USA back in 1948.

The "Combat Falcon" is a versatile fighter that can perform a number of tasks in the air - from aerial combat to high-precision bombing.

The F-16 has an internal M61 Vulcan cannon, as well as 11 places for installing weapons and other equipment.

Currently, the administration of US President Joe Biden is discussing the possibility 

of supplying Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov published a

video on social networks with F-16 fighter jets and the caption "Soon in the sky of Ukraine"

, which intrigued Ukrainians.

According to Politico, the topic of the next "Ramstein" will be the transfer of aircraft to Ukraine.

The discussion among the allies about the transfer of fighter jets to Ukraine has already begun.

The debate is expected to be even more complex than around tanks.

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