January 27, 2023 - Friday.

338th day of the war in Ukraine.

What a church holiday today, January 27

January 27 in the church calendar is

the day of commemoration of Equal-to-the-Apostles Nina, enlightener of Georgia


All her life, the woman preached the Gospel, performed various miracles and healed the sick.

Nowadays, the relics of Equal-to-the-Apostles Nina are preserved in the Bodbiya Monastery, near the town of Signakhi.

There they are recognized as the main shrine.

Nina was born in Cappadocia around 280.

Her family was of a noble family, and her mother's brother was the Patriarch of Jerusalem.

From childhood, the girl was brought up in the love of God.

When Nina was 20 years old, she came to Jerusalem with her parents.

There, pious Nianfora took care of her education.

It was from her that the girl learned that the tunic of Jesus Christ is kept in the Caucasus (the city of Mtskheti).

But in those regions dwell pagans who do not know the word of God.

After that, the Virgin Mary appeared to Nina and told her to go to Georgia.

Nina went through hunger, cold and other obstacles, but still reached the land of Iverska.

There she began to preach Christianity and perform miracles.

Soon the girls joined her and became her students.

Nina died in 335.

January 27 - the day of commemoration of Equal-to-the-Apostles Nina, educator of Georgia / Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

What can not be done on this day

  • It is forbidden to borrow money on January 27.

  • You should not quarrel with friends, relatives and relatives.

  • Do not make important decisions on January 27.

  • Do not deny people help.

Folk signs and traditions for January 27

Among our ancestors there were many interesting omens for this day: 

  • looked at what day it is today: fog around the moon - there will be a blizzard;

  • it's cold, it's snowing and roosters are crowing early - warming will come soon;

  • On January 27, there will be frost on the trees - there will be a thaw;

  • white clouds float across the sky, which means the frosts will last for a long time;

  • On the morning of January 27, a crow caws in a blizzard;

  • a pale moon means that it will soon snow;

  • if the stars twinkle brightly on January 27, it means that severe frosts will begin.

On January 27, the stars will twinkle brightly, which means severe frosts will begin / Photo: Pexels

Our ancestors believed that if a fire started in the house on January 27, cow's milk should be sprinkled on the fire and the flames would decrease.

And they also believed that if you dreamed of a black or red cow on the night of January 27, it means that death awaits a person.

Peasants especially respected cow's milk on this day and even believed that it could cure all diseases on January 27.

Weather for January 27

On January 27, it is gloomy in Kyiv, without precipitation.

In Lviv, the sun will rarely appear from behind the clouds, precipitation is not expected.

In Kharkiv, it will be clear until the evening, when the first clouds will appear, without precipitation.

It is cloudy in Odessa, without precipitation.

The air temperature in Kyiv is -1 during the day and -3 at night.

In Lviv, it is 0 during the day and -4 at night.

In Kharkiv +1 during the day and -7 at night.

In Odessa +1 during the day and -2 at night.

Memorial dates of January 27

Calendar of important events in Ukraine and the world for January 27:

  • 1302 - after the capture of Florence by the Black Guelphs, the poet and politician Dante Alighieri is expelled from the city;

  • 1527 - the battle near Olshanytsia;

  • 1785 - the University of Georgia was founded, which today is considered the oldest public university in the United States;

  • 1859 - Ottawa is declared the capital of Canada;

  • 1860 – the complete edition of "Kobzar" by Taras Shevchenko was published for the first time;

  • 1880 - Thomas Edison receives a patent for the electric incandescent lamp;

  • 1918 - the film "Tarzan of the Apes" is released on the screens of the USA, the main role is played by Elmo Lincoln;

  • 1921 – Poland recognizes the independence of Lithuania;

  • 1926 - in London, the Scottish inventor John Logie Baird conducts a public demonstration of a device for transmitting and receiving a television image, later his invention will be called a television;

  • 1944 - awards of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army were established;

  • 1945 - the troops of one of the Ukrainian fronts occupy the Polish city of Auschwitz and free the surviving prisoners of the Auschwitz concentration camp;

  • 1967 - during the rehearsal of the flight to the moon, the American spaceship Apollo-1 begins to burn, unfortunately, all crew members (Gus Grissom, Edward Higgins White and Roger Chaffee) died;

  • 1973 - an agreement on the withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam is signed in Paris;

  • 1983 - the construction of the longest underwater railway tunnel is completed in Japan, it runs between the islands of Honshu and Hokkaido;

  • 1992 - Zimbabwe recognizes the independence of Ukraine;

  • 1992 - Ukraine establishes diplomatic relations with Canada and Portugal;

  • 2000 - in Egypt, the parliament passes a law, according to which a woman is allowed to file for divorce.

Name day: how to name a child born on January 27

What are the names today:

Kuzma, Maximilian, Nazar, Hnat, Petro, Mykhailo, Nina.

The talisman of people born on January 27 is rock crystal.

A mineral that has long been known to mankind.

Many stories and legends are connected with him.

According to one of them, rock crystal is holy water frozen by the Gods.

And the Indians believed that the souls of decent and wise people turn into this stone after death.

Born on this day:

  • 1790 - Ukrainian poet, biker Petro Hulak-Artemovskyi;

  • 1837 - Ukrainian philosopher, literary critic, historian Volodymyr Lesevich;

  • 1917 - the first regional leader of the OUN of Donetsk region in October-November 1941, Vasyl Bulavskyi;

  • 1927 - Ukrainian dissident and human rights defender, teacher Oleksa Tykhy.

What a day today is in Ukraine and the world

January 27 is International Holocaust Remembrance Day / Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

January 27

is International Holocaust Remembrance Day


This event was approved on November 1, 2005 at the UN General Assembly.

At the same time, they signed the Resolution dedicated to the Holocaust.

The document stated that the genocide resulted in the extermination of 30% of the Jews, as well as a large number of other people of various nationalities.

For all representatives of the Jewish nation, January 27 is a significant date.

On this day in 1945, after the end of the Second World War, the troops of one of the Ukrainian fronts released prisoners in Auschwitz-Birkenau (Auschwitz concentration camp).

It was the largest death camp established by the Nazis to mass exterminate what they believed to be unworthy persons.

In 1941, Reinhard Heydrich was appointed head of the secret state political police of the Third Reich.

The task is set before him: to solve the "Jewish question".

Jews from France, Belgium, Germany, and Holland were sent to Belarusian and Polish concentration camps to be exterminated en masse.

The people themselves were informed that the resettlement was temporary.

During the period 1933-1945, the Nazis rapidly built concentration camps, which were then popularly called "death camps".

During that time, more than 5 thousand such places were created.

Institutions built on the territory of Poland were considered the most brutal.

There were so-called "shower sponges" in the premises.

Prisoners of Jews and, in some places, Gypsies were driven there, and then carbon monoxide was fired.

When Nazi troops invaded Ukraine, which at that time was part of the USSR, they immediately began mass extermination of the Jewish population.

In particular, pogroms were carried out.

One of the largest took place in the summer of 1941 in Lviv.

About 5,000 Jews died that day.

In Kyiv, all Jews were rounded up and shot in Babiny Yar.

According to official data, more than 30,000 people were killed in a few days.

Mass shootings were also carried out near the Syretskyi concentration camp.

Jews were exterminated here between 1941 and 1943.

According to official data, more than 6 million people were killed during the genocide of the Jewish people.

Among them, 30% are children.

However, these numbers are generalized, because it is impossible to accurately establish the number of all victims, because entire families, and sometimes even communities, were destroyed at once.

Every year on January 27, mourning events, ceremonies and actions take place, during which the terrible details of those events are remembered.