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Valentina from Varna, whom her friends had been looking for since January 1, was found murdered and buried in a septic tank on a property near Euxinograd.

The 39-year-old friend of the woman - Ivo - was detained.

He confessed to the crime.

Both were drug addicts, "24 Chasa" learned.

They celebrated the New Year together in his father's house near Varna.

Then she disappeared.

Valentina has two dogs that are also missing.

The young woman's mother declared her wanted a week after January 1, when she had already been killed.

From the beginning, her boyfriend was suspected of the crime.

They found a murdered missing girl in Varna

Valentina is wanted both in the area and throughout the city.

There were no signs of her in the house or in the yard either.

On Friday, forensic experts excavated the yard of the house in Evksinograd with shovels.

That's how they came across an old septic tank, where they found Valentina's body.

The septic tank is old and has not been used for many years.

After burying the corpse of his beloved, the man carefully covered the hole with grass.

Then he also grew trees to imitate plantations.

Ivo lived in the one-story villa with his father.

Neighbors told "24 Chasa" that they saw other girls visiting.