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Two reports of thefts have been clarified by employees of the First and Second Police Department in the city of Ruse.

 In one case, an application was received for tools taken from a construction site in the center of the city of Ruse, after it was penetrated by removing fence panels.

Cutters, perforators, saws, circular saws, etc. were the objects of the encroachment.

The damage done is being specified.

A case file has been filed in the First RU.

In the other case, a theft was reported from a commercial establishment on Thessaloniki Street in the city of Ruse, from where bottles of alcohol worth over BGN 140 were taken. Officers of the Second RU are working on the reported crime, and a case file has been filed with a view to committing a crime under Art. .

194 of the Criminal Code.

A recidivist who stole a money box was sentenced to 3 years in prison