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In the Regional Administration in Veliko Tarnovo, the payment of compensations for the expropriated private properties, which fall into lot 6 of the "Hemus" highway, has begun.

The affected properties are in three of the municipalities and the compensation owed amounts to over 3 million BGN.

The expropriated properties are in the lands of Pavlikeni and the villages of Duskot, Paskalevets and Patresh, the villages of Dichin, Nikyup and Resen of Veliko Tarnovo are affected and in the municipality of Polski Trumbesh in the lands of the villages of Kutsina, Stefan Stambolovo and Polski Senovets.

In total, the benefits are BGN 3.128 million, said the regional governor of Veliko Tarnovo Georgi Guguchkov, pedade BNR.

"There is a period of one month when this compensation can be received at the API, but this period has expired and the documents and funds have been forwarded to the Regional Administration. There is no deadline, but everyone must submit their documents. They are published on the website of the District Administration," he said.

For amounts up to BGN 1,000, payments can be made at the regional office, larger amounts can only be made by bank transfer. 

The payment of compensation for the expropriated properties on lot 5 of the "Hemus" highway, which affects settlements from the municipalities of Pavlikeni and Suhindol, continues.

A little over half a million BGN has already been paid. 

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