On Friday, January 27,

emergency blackouts were introduced in the

Lviv region .

This happened due to exceeding the consumption limit in the region.

This was reported in the press service of "Lvivoblenergo".

"On Friday, NEC Ukrenergo set a consumption limit for Lviv Region for each hour of the day separately - from 445 megawatts at night to 532 megawatts during the day," the company emphasizes.

It is noted that the provided amount of electricity covers approximately only half of the needs of consumers in Lviv and the region.

That is why the schedule of hourly outages continues to operate in the Lviv region: in addition to the orange ones, the white cells of the "Possible outages" graph will be used in shutdowns.

"Another shelling by the Russian occupiers of energy facilities in Ukraine yesterday further worsened the situation in the energy system. Energy facilities cannot operate in the mode that existed before the war," the report says. 

You can find out the schedule and your disconnection group on the website loe.lviv.ua in the

"Why is there no light" section

 or with the help of

"Lvivoblenergo" chatbots in Viber/Telegram


As reported,

 trams and trolleybuses will not operate in Odesa

on January 27  due to problems with electricity.

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