Lianyi lottery company in Rende District, Tainan scratched out 1 million.

(Provided by Xue Zhijun)

[Reporter Wang Jie/Tainan Report] Lianyi Lottery Bank in Rende District, Tainan was on the million-dollar lottery list this time. On the fourth day of the fourth day, a customer scratched out 1 million. The owner Xue Zhijun said that the tempered glass on the table in the store suddenly It exploded for unknown reasons, and the whole piece was directly broken. Although no one was hurt, it would cost at least 5 or 6 thousand to redecorate. Unexpectedly, within a few seconds of heartache, I learned that 1 million was scraped out of the store. It must be The God of Wealth accidentally ran into him when he came.

Xue Zhijun has been in the lottery business for almost 10 years. When installing the strengthened glass in the store, the owner also emphasized that he should be careful not to knock the four corners of the strengthened glass. The corners are very fragile and the glass is easy to break. For the four corners of the glass, the industry guarantees that this piece of tempered glass will last for more than 10 years. Unexpectedly, on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, let alone the tempered glass, the glass shattered without even a gust of wind.

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Xue Zhijun was taken aback. After learning that no one was hurt, he felt sad again, because this piece of glass would cost at least 5,000 to 6,000 yuan to redecorate. He thought it would be dirty to waste money during the Chinese New Year. According to the news, some consumers bought scratch-offs and got 1 million scratch-offs.

It was a 70-year-old uncle who won a million dollars. The next day, he went to Xue Zhijun's store and asked if he could exchange cash. Only then did he realize that he was the lucky winner. Xue Zhijun said that the God of Wealth must have favored their store.

The tempered glass on the table suddenly shattered.

(Provided by Xue Zhijun)