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The behavior of the deputies, which speaks a lot about their upbringing and their worldview, as well as suggests what kind of persons they are outside the plenary hall and away from the cameras, makes us regret more and more that we have entrusted the state into their hands;

unfortunately, it also causes many people to "throw their hands up" on all political life and refuse to participate in the governance of their own country - the elections. 

A terrible trend is fueled by this behavior and it makes us increasingly question whether they do it naturally because they can do it so much and that's what they envision in life, or whether they do it on purpose to get us to give up voting.

Or both?

Georg Georgiev asks Boyko Rashkov about the "fucking" period, "rubber hands" on the parliamentary rostrum

After stormy scandals and debates - the National Assembly adopted 4 bills for changes in the Civil Code and rejected one


"Romania broke away from Bulgaria quite a bit.

In terms of economic development, it has reached Greece, and in terms of income and wages, it has surpassed Hungary."

Kalfin: Bulgaria lags behind Romania


"We continue the change" (PP) and "Democratic Bulgaria" (DB) will file a complaint with the Constitutional Court against changes to the Election Code.

At 2:30 p.m. in front of the courthouse

, they will make a statement about which texts they dispute.  

PP and DB refer to the Constitutional Court for changes to the Electoral Code


A senior European Union official said today that

Russia had taken its war against Ukraine "to another stage" by carrying out indiscriminate attacks on civilian and non-military targets

and criticized Moscow for

provoking recent decisions by Germany and the United States to send advanced tanks

to Ukraine , reported the Associated Press.

EU: Russia shifts the focus of the war to NATO and the West


"The situation in Russia is heading for a coup", said the former associate of Vladimir Putin, Abbas Galyamov, quoted by the American media "Daily Beast".  

Galyamov added:

“The longer the war goes on, the clearer it becomes to people that it is pointless.

More and more Russian citizens began to understand that the Kremlin's so-called special operation was a complete failure.

Combat action does not produce the desired result."

A former associate of Putin heralds a military coup in Russia


The President of Croatia: If Washington and Moscow do not agree, a third world war will begin


The Ukrainian soldiers, whose plane landed yesterday at the Cologne air base, are expected to start training as soon as possible.

Their training in Germany is part of the country's military aid to Kyiv.

Training of future Leopard tank crews and relevant technical personnel is also expected to begin soon.

The first Ukrainian military personnel who will be trained to handle the Marder BMP have arrived in Germany