The first six countermeasures against enemy drones have arrived in Ukraine.

"Shaheed hunters protect energy infrastructure from Russian drones.

This is reported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

"These are state-of-the-art defense technologies that protect US strategic facilities. A complex of radars and jammers

helps detect and block enemy UAVs and launches its drones.

Fortem DroneHunter F700 is an autonomous drone with radar control and artificial intelligence. It flies at a speed of

more than 100 km/h ,

intercepts and lands enemy drones," the report said.

The department adds that this became possible thanks to the collection organized by the monobank of Oleg Horokhovskyi, Ihor Lachenkov and UNITED24. 

Russia's missile strike on January 26: What is the electricity situation?

We will remind you that on the morning of January 26, Russian troops struck another blow at the energy system of Ukraine.

Kyiv, Odesa and Vinnytsia regions were the most affected by the attack.

Currently, the situation in the regions has stabilized. 

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, commenting on the rocket attack by the occupiers, assured that the main target was energy facilities, depriving citizens of light and heat.

According to him, some rockets hit the substation. 

As of the morning of January 27, in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Kirovohrad, Cherkasy, Zhytomyr, Volyn, Lviv, and Rivne regions, 

emergency power outages are 

in effect due to exceeding consumption limits.

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