KMT spokesman Yang Zhitong.

(file photo)

[Reporter Shi Xiaoguang/Taipei Report] The Presidential Palace officially announced today that former Vice President Chen Chien-jen will take over as the Chief Executive. Kuomintang spokesman Yang Zhitong said that the selection of the new cabinet and deputy cabinet is nothing new and is only a political issue during Tsai Ing-wen’s tenure. Appointment, and if the list of cabinet members is blown by the "loser alliance", it means that the DPP has not sincerely reflected on it at all, and the DPP should bear the greatest responsibility for letting Taiwan stand still.

Yang Zhitong questioned that in the nine-in-one election in 2022, the people of Taiwan voted to distrust the Tsai government. After the DPP was defeated, it fell into political struggle within its own party, but no one stood up to take responsibility and apologize to the people of Taiwan. Has the DPP forgotten, or is it afraid to remember?

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Yang Zhitong said that in the political turmoil of the DPP, the people of Taiwan will suffer the most. She called on the Chen cabinet to reflect on itself and make up for the shortcomings of the past seven years. The political appointment at the end is really ashamed of the original 8.17 million votes. The real victims are all Taiwanese people, and the country will not make progress!