The 11th Taipei International Animation Festival kicked off, and the Taiwanese sister group "AKB48 Team TP" of Japanese idols also took the stage to dance with the animation festival mascot Manbao, bringing youth and laughter.

(Photo by reporter Wu Boxuan)

[Reporter Wu Baixuan/Taipei Report] Today (27th) during the Chinese New Year holiday on the sixth day of the Lunar New Year, the 11th Taipei International Animation Festival, one of the grand events in the animation industry, kicks off. "Wine", "Chain Saw Man" and other Japanese production teams and well-known voice actors have arrived in Taiwan to have fun with comic fans. The Taiwanese sister group "AKB48 Team TP" of well-known Japanese idols also came to sing and dance. field.

The Chinese Animation and Publishing Association held the 11th Taipei International Animation Festival. This year, it was selected to open on the sixth day of the Lunar New Year. The 5-day event ushered in the energy of 95 venues and 520 booths. It was also under the unblocking of Taiwan's borders after the epidemic last year. , the first animation event, well-known domestic and foreign IP masters, idol groups, etc. will hold 50 autograph sessions and activities, and hundreds of guests will take turns to bring animation feasts.

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For example, Kapok Company invited the chief animation supervisor Kyoji Asano and the producer Tetsuya Nakatake of popular animation works such as "SPYxFAMILY Spy Family Wine" to have a discussion with Taiwanese fans; Kikunosuke Totani also held 2 face-to-face meetings; DANBI, the cartoonist of the popular Korean BoyLove comic "Love Forbidden Zone", also made his debut on stage, and it was the first time for a Korean comic BL artist to come to Taiwan.

This year's anime festival also invited the Taiwanese sister group "AKB48 Team TP", a well-known Japanese idol group, to attend the opening ceremony. First-stage students Liu Yuqing, Pan Ziyi, Qiu Pinhan, Cai Yaen, Lin Yuxin, second-stage student Lin Tingli, etc. joined the animation festival mascot Manbao Heat together. Wu; Asia General invited the Japanese topical local cute idol group "Chitama" to come to Taiwan again, and even Japan's super-popular virtual idol (Vtuber) group HoloLive also participated in the exhibition for promotion.

The animation festival rushes to take advantage of the consecutive Spring Festival holidays, and various manufacturers are also offering animation Chinese New Year lucky bags to grab fans’ red envelopes, such as the first sale of new books and boutiques at the animation festival, limited edition lucky bags or 50% off BL lucky bags.

Kang Zhenmu, chairman of the Animation Association, pointed out that thanks to the support from all walks of life, the publishing industry can cultivate local energy and promote it to all parts of the world. The theme of this year's animation festival, "Creative Metaverse", also predicts that the virtual world will become the mainstream of the future market.

Japan's super-popular animation "SPYxFAMILY Spy Family Wine" also launched an art exhibition at this year's Taipei International Animation Festival, allowing fans to feast their eyes.

(Photo by reporter Wu Boxuan)

The Taipei International Animation Festival attracted a large crowd, and even the food company Uni-President Enterprises hired models dressed in Japanese styles to play games and sell ramen.

(Photo by reporter Wu Boxuan)

The 11th Taipei International Animation Festival kicked off on the sixth day of the Lunar New Year this year. Various companies have launched Chinese New Year lucky bag products, filled with various peripherals of well-known IP works, and are eager to grab fans' Chinese New Year red envelopes.

(Photo by reporter Wu Boxuan)

Japan's "Asia Communications" once again invited the local topical local cute idol group "Chitama" to Taiwan, and the cute looks are still eye-catching.

(Photo by reporter Wu Boxuan)