Police extortion cases escalate

Taiwanese actress "Ms. An Yu Ching" has asked Interpol to help with the case.

Confirmed that Thai police lied, were extorted, real money, plus e-cigarettes weren't their own.

But the police handed it over to him and took pictures as evidence.

The Thai police followed the Grab chauffeur who picked up the actress with 4 friends from RCA until they found a checkpoint and testified that they were intoxicated by the smell of whiskey. Everyone was yelling along the way, including with The police were called to investigate.

and did not see anything unusual.

to talk to each other in the back of the car

Just turn and look periodically.

Find another taxi driver who takes 4 Taiwanese people from the checkpoint to send them to the hotel.

Both police and actresses

If the case does not progress, it will proceed by itself.

In the case of Ms. An Yu Ching or Charlene An, a Taiwanese actress

Instagram post (IG) revealed that the police set up a checkpoint near the Embassy of the People's Republic of China.

Summons a passport inspector accusing him of not having a visa

Both entering the city with a visa at the immigration checkpoint or VOA (Visa on arrival) and then being extorted 27,000 baht after becoming a buzz.

Maj. Gen. Samroeng Suanthong, deputy commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, initially examined and clarified that

The suppression police set up a real checkpoint, a total of 7 officers, no extortion of money.

In addition, Jaidee did not prosecute the charge of owning an electronic cigarette.

But the Royal Thai Police (Sq.) ordered to verify the facts to the end.

due to impact on tourism in Thailand

Commander-in-Chief of the 1st Infantry Division speeding up the investigation

Progress from the Huai Khwang Police Station at 10:00 a.m. on January 27, Pol.

Wong Siri Preeda, Commander No. 1, came to follow the progress of the case, called Pol. Col. Yingyot Suwanno, Superintendent of the Huai Khwang Police Station.

Attended the meeting for almost 2 hours before coming out to reveal that

This is a matter that society pays attention to.

The commander did not remain indifferent, instructed him to speed up the rhetoric straightforwardly according to the truth.

That fact must be based on forensic evidence.

Including relevant witnesses

use scientific evidence

“Today we are looking for more forensic evidence.

Only after having images from cameras of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to link information with witnesses surrounding the Huai Khwang Police Station has made a request for CCTV footage from the Chinese Embassy.

pending acceptance from the embassy

In addition, the investigative department of Huai Khwang Police Station can contact the first public transport driver (Grab) to deliver the actress.

is on the way to give a testimony

The driver of public transport (taxi) is in the process of tracking.

In order to bring testimony from witnesses who were present in the incident to accompany the rhetoric to present to the commander, the police spokesman will continue to give details.

At present, more than 80 percent of operations are carried out and it is expected that this matter will be resolved in no more than 2 days, ”said the commander of Police No. 1.

Grab driver stress test for 3 hours.

Later, at 12:00 noon, Mr. Wichet Pinkaew, 50, a public transport driver (Grab), entered to testify with Pol. Maj. Pin Mekphaiboon, police officer (investigation), Huai Khwang Police Station as a witness. The police also asked for a closed circuit camera in front of the car to verify that

What events can be recorded?

in order to accompany the case

After giving testimony for about 3 hours, Mr. Wichet Pinkaew revealed that

On the night of the incident, the young actress called her car through an application to pick up at the Onyx entertainment venue in the RCA area around 2:00 a.m., pinning the destination at Huay Kwang Terrace Restaurant.

There are 4 passengers in total, 3 men, 1 woman. When picking them up, they park about 30 meters away from the pin and tell them to wave their hands to walk towards them.

It was obvious that everyone was drunk.

I don't know

There was one guy who could speak Thai.

then spoke with emotion, shouted at him

When the passenger came up, the smell of liquor was so strong that they had to open the window.

He clearly remembered this woman because she looked drunk and yelled loudest in the car.

Let the female stars beat their drunk friends.

“Then drive along the route from RCA, take Rama 9 Road, turn left at the intersection.

MCAT enters Ratchadaphisek Road.

Came across a checkpoint in front of the Chinese embassy.

There was a policeman asking for an inspection, so they turned on the lights in the car. The policeman asked where they were going, and I said it was Grab.

The police asked to check the passenger and turned to speak to the passenger in English, "Police Check."

I guess I don't want to search.

So the police tried to get out of the car.

The passenger pretended not to get off.

In the end, I had to go down and stand for the police to search on the back of the car on the left side.

During the search, there were 3 police officers in total, asking passengers to open their bags and shine a flashlight for passengers to tear up their own bags.

The police did not touch the belongings.

Only male passengers are touched.

It took about 30 minutes to search. I didn't even look back.

Turns only when she hears a woman yelling at the police in Chinese.

The police didn't respond.

and did not see

The passenger tried to take a video,” said the Grab chauffeur.

I didn't see the police doing anything wrong.

Mr. Wichet continued that

After that, a Thai-speaking male passenger walked up to him, paid 80 baht, told him to go. He still thought that he was at a loss because the total fare was 89 baht, but he drove off.

Confirm that while parking is in the checkpoint

see no abnormality

regular police raids

It's an open area along the road, not going to a secret place.

As for the passengers, do they really have e-cigarettes? They don't know after the news came up.

Let's open it in the application timeline, so I think it's right.

Taiwanese actress exaggerates

“The police called them to cooperate.

because they think that female tourists exaggerate the news and damage the image of Thailand

As for the person who came out to clarify via Instagram that he did not drink, confirmed that he was 100 percent drunk, wanted to tell the young tourist to come out and tell the truth because at that time she was drunk.

Then let the society decide whether to believe a drunk or a non-drunk.

The camera in front of his car

Video and sound recording will be formatted every 7 days because of low memory.

But the memory card has been given to the police to inspect, ”said Mr. Wichet.

Police wait for evidence before deciding.

Col. Yingyot Suwanno said after calling the Grab driver to question him as a witness.

Preliminary evidence has already been obtained.

At the same time, the Taiwanese actress is not in Thailand.

but will be called back to provide information or not

Have to wait and see what the Royal Thai Police will say.

Still confident in the subordinate police or whether

Col. Yingyot said that this part depends on the evidence.

Still can't answer at this point.

Would like to wait for clear evidence before being able to conclude. Asked if the result was not as the Taiwanese actress claimed, would he be charged or not?

Superintendent of the Huai Khwang Police Station said that there is currently no

did not report the charges to anyone

Waiting for the evidence

divided, received, divided, fought, prosecuted back

The reporter asked

If a Thai person did this kind of event, how would it be?

Col. Yingyot said that

Don't just compare.

Because in this section it is a matter of law.

Let the Thai police stop slandering her.

And let the Thai police open the CCTV camera evidence

The police station director, the owner of the area, stated that he asked to wait for clarity and would release it at once. Asked how confident he was that he would be able to restore the reputation of the Thai police.

Col. Yingyot also confirmed that

according to the evidence

if already

everything will manifest itself

Find a taxi to take you back to the hotel.

At the National Police Office (Sq.) On the same day, Maj. Gen. Achayon Kraithong, spokesman of the National Police (Speaker of the Police), said that the account is now in the process of collecting evidence.

Examination of CCTV where a female Taiwanese tourist was called by the police

Additional surveillance cameras were also gathered from nearby areas.

must collect as much evidence as possible

in order to know all the facts that happened that day

It also proceeded to invite the Grab driver who drove the victim from the RCA area to investigate.

They will then call a person driving an orange taxi to pick up the victim from the checkpoint and take him back to the hotel.

When the officers get all the information, they will consider to find out the facts.

How is the whole story?

If the inspection found

If an actual offense is committed, disciplinary and criminal proceedings will be taken against the offender.

The police have contacted the actress.

“For this event, the Prime Minister and

The commander-in-chief of the police specially advised that

This matter needs to be clarified.

However, the police would like to verify the facts first.

will not yet conclude what happened

As for when a clear conclusion is reached, it will be the next step.

The ACC is the one to proceed.

For young Taiwanese actresses, it was initially reported that

The police can now contact and get some information.

But we must collect evidence clearly.

At the same time, channels must be opened for victims.

Bring information to the authorities

It is something that we are very pleased with.

This issue will be processed in two parts: information from the victims directly.

and from Taiwan Central Bureau of Investigation staff coordinated by the National Police Agency,” said a police spokesman.

Some information has been sent.

Maj. Gen. Achayan said that

The news stream that

The victim has sent information to the police.

admitted that the victim sent some information

Let's learn directly that

We don't want to reveal it yet.

Because if disclosed, it may affect what we will continue in various fields.

I want everything to be clearer.

to see the timeline from start to finish

Because if revealed now, everything is not really clear.

may cause confusion

Confirm that we are not indifferent and ready to receive information from all sectors.

the case

The police will cause clarification.

As for the case, some media channels coordinate victims and suggest that the victims will bring the incident to Interpol.

We do not have any information on such issues.

But I would like to confirm that

We are ready to receive evidence from all sectors.

The more directly from the injured person, the better.

"Joke" screams whoever is guilty must prosecute

at the police club

Pol. Gen. Surachate Hakpal, deputy police chief, gave an interview about a Taiwanese actress claiming that she was extorted by the police.

This matter had to wait for the investigating officer, but he ordered Superintendent Sor Sor Kor Nor 1 and Huai Khwang Superintendent to speed up the process.

true or not

If the police actually commit an offense, criminal proceedings must be taken.

On that night, the Huai Khwang police station set up a real checkpoint, but whether there was an offense or not is under investigation.

At the same time, if the investigation finds that

The authorities did not extort or extort money as the Taiwanese actress claimed.

Or is it deliberately damaging the image of Thailand?

Taiwanese actresses must be prosecuted as well for perjury.

Waiting to see if the case is not progressing to go down and do it yourself

“The aforementioned case occurred in Thailand.

When notifying the prosecution can cooperate with the Chinese embassy in Thailand.

I personally think

This is not difficult to verify.

If the person does not come out to provide information or evidence to Thai officials

The police at the crime scene will be able to chase CCTV cameras.

And check the duty schedule that night to find evidence that happened in Thailand to prosecute the young actress.

There are many negative images in the police industry.

But today, if the offenders are found in the minority

but damages the image of the Royal Thai Police

Criminal proceedings must be strictly followed.

But now we have to wait for the investigation to be clear first.

If the metropolitan investigative team does not really perform or does not make progress

He is ready to investigate by himself, ”said the Deputy Commissioner of Police.

The actress urged Interpol to help.

As for the movement of a Taiwanese actress, Ms. An Yu Ching, 32 years old, Sanli News Network, Taiwanese local news agency, contacted for additional interviews.

The person revealed that

Contact the Interpol Office

or Interpol to help

Ready to confirm with an angry tone that

extorted real money

One policeman said there was no checkpoint.

The other side said there was a checkpoint.

Apparently, the Thai police lied about what happened to them.

someone else got the same

Three Taiwanese friends who traveled to Thailand for the New Year were extorted even more.

This level of money extortion has become commonplace in Thailand, confirming that at the time of the incident there were 5 Korean women who could not talk to each other because of the language barrier.

Forced to pay well

Confirmed to remember the face of the policeman who extorted money

The actress went on to say,

The day of the incident near the Chinese Embassy in Thailand.

I'm not drunk

and still remember the face of the police officer

There were more than 7 cops at the time, all with guns and furious tempers.

The police group refused to allow the video to be taken.

and knows how to dodge the CCTV in the area

After taking the money, the police handed over an e-cigarette.

Tell him to take it, and when he picks it up, he's photographed by the police as evidence.

As for the passport, he used his mobile phone to take a picture of his passport.

Enough to let friends who carry passports go back to the hotel to show the real passports.

back is not allowed

When he said he was ready to go to the police station

Received an answer that Nonono After the incident, a friend told me that

Reasons for not allowing him to go to the police station

because everything will be recorded as evidence

make it impossible to extort money

If you can't plow, then why let go?

A reporter of the Sanli News Network news agency repeatedly asked that the Thai police stressed that they did not take legal action.

allowed to return

And the extortion didn't happen. An Yuqing laughed lightly and said.

“Assume that you actually carry illegal things.

And why did you finally let go?”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs will definitely affect tourism.

At the Ministry of Tourism and Sports (Kor.), Mr. Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, Minister of Khor. revealed that

In the case of news flows, tourists use the service of the tourist police to facilitate travel.

and a Taiwanese actress was extorted money

Whether it will affect the Thai tourism sector or not, admit that it affects the image of Thai tourism.

see that this issue must be accelerated to create a correct understanding

Initially, the tourist police are responsible for providing services to tourists who have been contacted to the Tourist Police Headquarters (TAT) or the Department of Tourism (PAT) before the service of the Tourist Police confirms that there is no fee charged. Any expenses according to the conditions and regulations of both Thai and foreigners

It will be clarified in the cabinet on 31 Jan.

“As for the case where the police use Abhisit to collect money from tourists,

Now in the process of setting up a fact-finding committee, on January 31, details of all allegations will be clarified at the Government House.

Before the Cabinet meeting (Cabinet), after this, the Ministry has a public relations plan to explain details to foreign tourists.

It will clarify through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to various embassies around the world.

to create a correct and true understanding

For tourists who are members of the Thailand Privilege Card, it offers special privileges for foreigners traveling to Thailand.

Able to enter through special channels and have staff to take care of facilitating

It is normal to provide services for cardmembers.

But for tour groups and companies that secretly refer to 7-8 different rules, it confirms that the ministry has nothing to do with it, ”said the minister.