On New Year's Eve, the Dulan Fire Brigade remained on standby around the stove and went to the mountain to rescue a male mountaineer who was unable to walk due to cramp in his feet.

(Photographed by reporter Chen Xianyi)

[Reporter Chen Xianyi/Taitung Report] Since the Spring Festival holiday, there have been 5 mountain disasters in succession. Don't stay alone in the land, and be accompanied by the mountain friends who accompany the team, and ask for help from outside and wait for help.

At about 12:21 on the 15th, a male mountaineer was suspected of suffering from altitude sickness on the 600-meter trail of the refuge mountain house in Jiaming Lake. The mountain special team of the Guanshan Fire Brigade was fully equipped to rescue, and the mountain house administrator of the Taitung Forest Management Office also mobilized , the air helicopter hangs and evacuates.

At about 4:21 p.m. on the same day, a female mountaineer at the triangle point of Xitou Mountain in Haiduan Township was exhausted and unable to walk and asked for help. The task force rushed to the mountain again and rescued her down the mountain at 5:30 a.m. the next day.

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Coincidentally, a female mountaineer about 70 years old entered the mountain at about 9:40 a.m. on the 22nd from the hiking trail at the pass of Daguan Mountain in Haiduan Township, and fell from the climbing section in about 20 minutes. The field task force was reported to rush to the rescue, and used the SKED roll stretcher to drag the rescue down the mountain and send it to the hospital.

The Lijia Police Station of the Taitung Police Department received a report from 110 at around 8:00 p.m. on the 22nd. A family of four surnamed Xu who came to Changhua was in need of help when they lost their way in the mountainous area in a small bus. Fang Yuxiang, director of the Lijia Police Station, and Yang Fangkun, a police officer, according to the information provided by the reporter Longitude and latitude location, searching along the winding mountain road, it took one and a half hours, and finally found the reporter and the vehicle brought down the mountain.

On New Year’s Eve on the 24th, a man in his 60s from Donghe Township accidentally stopped at 3K in Dulan Mountain and was unable to walk due to leg cramps. His accompanying friends dialed 119 for help. It happened that Xu Jinrong, the county councilor of the firefighting brigade, went to the Dulan Fire Department The detachment expressed condolences to the firefighters and firefighters. Just as everyone was enjoying the reunion dinner, the alarm bell suddenly sounded "Mountain Rescue" and the search and rescue team was dispatched immediately, and then the man with limited mobility was rescued from the mountain.

On the 26th, a group of 8 men surnamed Su attacked the summit of Nanheng and passed near the Anbu camp at an altitude of about 2950 meters. The man surnamed Su was suspected of altitude sickness and vomited, his limbs were weak and unable to walk. All his companions left to continue the unfinished journey. Reported the case for help, and then the air crew was suspended and sent to the hospital. Fortunately, there was no serious injury.

Before and after the Spring Festival is not peaceful, there are frequent incidents of mountain disasters, and the police and firefighters are exhausted to rescue the emergency. Mountain friends and tourists are urged to enter the mountain to attack the summit. However, the caller and the rest of the group members left on their own regardless of the safety of the members of the group. Similar cases of placing orders occurred again and again. We appeal to the public to be cautious in facing mountaineering activities in order to avoid regrettable accidents.