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An urgent search is underway in Western Australia for a small radioactive capsule.

The dangerous cargo was lost between the cities of Newman and Perth (a distance of approximately 1,400 km) in mid-January.

The case contains a small amount of radioactive cesium-137, which can cause serious illness if touched.

People living in the perimeter of the search are warned to stay away from the capsule if they happen to see it, BTV reported.

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The hazardous cargo was being transported by truck between a mine north of Newman in the Pilbara region and north-eastern parts of Perth.

This happened between January 10-16.

It was then that the capsule was lost, but it is not stated how the accident happened.

Cesium-137 is a substance commonly used in mining.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) says the capsule cannot be used as a weapon, but can cause radiation burns and cause long-term risks - such as cancer.

Dr Andrew Robertson, Western Australia's chief health inspector and chairman of the Radiological Board, told the country's media that the capsule emitted a "reasonable" amount of radiation.

"Our concerns are that someone will see her and take her without knowing the danger she poses.

It's possible that someone thinks it's something interesting and keeps it or keeps it in their home, in their car or gives it to someone," he added.

DFES even released an illustration to show the public what the capsule looks like.

It measures 6mm by 8mm.

At the moment, the places where the truck carrying the dangerous capsule is supposed to have passed are being searched, and work is being done to establish the exact route and rest stops between the two points.


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