Ke Wenzhe, chairman of the People's Party, went south to Kaohsiung again today. The picture shows that he went to Kaohsiung Sanfeng Middle Street to send money a few years ago.

(Photo by reporter Ge Youhao)

[Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report] On the sixth day of the Lunar New Year today, Ke Wenzhe, Chairman of the People’s Party, went south to Kaohsiung again to distribute money. In response to the three deputy candidates he offered yesterday, "women, central and southern regions, business circles or financial circles", whether they are by the way Looking for candidates in Kaohsiung?

Ke emphasized, "No! There is still a lot to do in South Central."

Before the Lunar New Year, Ke Wenzhe had gone to Sanfeng Middle Street, Kaohsiung to distribute Spring Festival couplets. He appeared in Kaohsiung again this morning, paying New Year greetings and distributing money to the public at Wujia Guandi Temple in Fengshan.

During a joint interview with the media, the outside world wondered if he was looking for a deputy candidate when he came to Kaohsiung with regard to the three conditions he offered yesterday: "women, central and southern regions, business circles, or financial circles".

In this regard, Ke Wenzhe denied, "No! There are still many things to do in the south-central region."

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The media asked, do these three deputy conditions mean that former Taipei deputy mayor Huang Shanshan is out?

Ke Wenzhe said, "That's called hope and expectation. The more projects that meet the requirements, the more hope, but we must also find better ones."

Regarding the announcement of the new cabinet by the Presidential Palace today, Ke Wenzhe believes that it will take a period of time after taking office to make an accurate assessment. At this stage, the opposition party is doing its best to supervise the opposition. it is good".

Vice President Lai Qingde also came to Kaohsiung to distribute lucky bags today. The media asked Ke if he wanted to compete with Lai Qingde?

Ke Wenzhe replied: "No, it's meaningless than this, and it's meaningless!" The media asked again, is it possible to run with Lai Qingde in 2024?

Ke Wenzhe laughed and said, "This is really creative!"

This time I went south to Kaohsiung, did you feel that the Kaohsiung folks are more enthusiastic than before?

Ke Wenzhe said that popularity does not equal support, he is very clear.

Ke Wenzhe emphasized that the statistics are very clear. At this stage, the People's Party is still a third force, and its strength is not enough to allow itself to be elected, but it can decide who is elected.

The goal of our efforts is to make ourselves the largest party, not to set ourselves as the third party that only decides the outcome at the beginning.