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More than 100 flights have been canceled today to and from Dusseldorf airport due to a strike announced by the influential "Verdi" trade union, DPA reported. 

About 700 employees of the company "Aviapartner" (Aviapartner), which manages the airport, have been called to participate in the labor protest.

It started at dawn at 03:30 local time (04:30 Bulgarian time) and is planned to last until 00:30 on Saturday (1:30 Bulgarian time).

According to the airport authorities in Dusseldorf, 290 flights are scheduled for today.

About a third of them (101 flights) have been cancelled, airport spokesman Markus Schaaf told DPA this morning. 

It was later announced that a total of half of all flights to and from Dusseldorf Airport were canceled and others were delayed.

Brandenburg Airport canceled all flights due to strike 

The reason for the strike is a new contract, due to which "Aviapartner" loses the right to manage the service responsible for handling baggage transported through the airport.

As a result, 700 people could lose their jobs, according to the Ferdi trade union. 

Düsseldorf Airport is the third largest in Germany in terms of the number of passengers served, DPA notes.