The head of the Council of Tatars of Afghanistan, Zabihullo Naderi Tatar, asked Putin to redo the All-Russian population census, which took place in 2021, or to carefully check its results again.

Almost 600,000 Tatars have gone somewhere in Russia.

As the Baza Telegram channel reported on January 27, the corresponding letter was sent to the Internet reception of the President of the Russian Federation the day before. 

In his message, Zabihullo Naderi notes the important role of Tatars in world history and expresses concern that, according to the latest population census in Russia, the number of Tatars in the Russian Federation has decreased by almost 600,000 people.

"We Tatars," the letter says, "are sad to watch what is happening." 

Photo: from social networks

The head of the Afghan council, on behalf of all Tatars, asks to check the results of the census or to conduct it again.

According to Rosstat, the number of Tatars in Russia according to the results of the 2021 census was 4.71 million people.

If compared with the 2010 census, their number actually decreased by 597,000, or by 11.3% (from 5.31 million people in 2010).

Tatars are the second largest ethnic group in Russia.

About 3 million Tatars live in Afghanistan.

That is, there is the largest diaspora of Tatars in the world.

We will remind you that the president of the aggressor country, Vladimir Putin, is preparing the Russian population for the fact that they will have to wage a long war, but not only with Ukraine, but with the "collective West" and "NATO countries".

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