Grab chauffeur accepts Taiwanese actresses

Explain that the woman is 100% drunk and the loudest rant in the group while the police ask to search.

By wanting to tell the truth, Huai Khwang Superintendent revealed the knot of calling for money and still could not answer.

Please wait for evidence

At 3:00 p.m. on January 27, 2023 at the Huai Khwang Police Station, Mr. Wichet Pinkaew, 50 years old, a public transport driver (Grab), after giving evidence to Police Major Ying Pin Mekphaiboon. Senator (investigation) Huai Khwang Police Station as a witness for more than 3 hours has revealed that

On the night of the accident, the tourists called their car through the application to pick up at the Onyx entertainment venue in the RCA area around 2:00 a.m., pinning their destination at the Huay Kwang Terrace restaurant.

In which there are 4 passengers in total, 3 males, 1 female, when picking them up, park about 30 meters away from the pin and tell them to wave their hands to walk.

which he clearly noticed that everyone was drunk

I don't know

But there was one man who could speak Thai.

then spoke angrily, yelled at him, but when the passenger came up

He smelled liquor so strong that he had to drive with the windows open.

and he clearly remembered this woman

because he looks drunk and yells loudest in the car

Mr. Wichet continued that he then drove along the route from RCA to Rama 9 Road and turned left at the MCOT intersection onto Ratchadapisek Road.

came across a checkpoint in front of the Chinese embassy

Then there was a police call asking to check.

He turned on the light in the car.

The police asked where to go.

He said that it was Grab.

The police also asked to check the passengers.

And turned to speak English to the passengers "Police Check", at which time the woman was clearly dissatisfied.

I guess I don't want to search.

The police tried to get out of the car.

Passengers pretended not to get off but finally got off.

Go stand for the police to search at the rear of the car on the left side.

The car is parked in the far left lane.

The Grab driver said that during the search

There were 3 police officers who searched in total. The police asked the passengers to open their bags.

and shine a flashlight for passengers to unpack their bags themselves

The police did not touch the belongings.

and touched only male passengers

It took about 30 minutes to search and he rarely turned to look.

Turns to the police only when they hear a woman yelling in Chinese loudly at the police.

to which the police did not respond

And did not see that the passenger was trying to take a clip

Then, a male passenger who can speak Thai

Walked up to him and paid 80 baht and told him to go.

He still thought that he was at a loss because the total fare was 89 baht, but he drove out, confirming that while parking in the checkpoint.

He did not notice any abnormalities.

regular police raids

It's an open area along the road, not going to a secret place.

As for the passengers, do they really have e-cigarettes or not, they don't know.


After the news came up

He felt familiar with the faces of female tourists.

therefore came to view it in the application timeline

Most of them will clearly remember drunken customers.

so I think yes

When the police called, they cooperated.

Because they think that female tourists exaggerate the news.

spoil the image of Thailand

As for the person who came out to clarify via Instagram that he did not drink

He confirmed that he was 100% drunk, "said Mr. Wichet.

The Grab driver also said that he personally wanted to tell the female tourists to come out and tell the truth.

Because at that time she was drunk.

Then let the society decide whether to believe a drunk or a non-drunk.

The camera in front of his car

Able to record images and sounds

But he will format it every 7 days because of the small memory, but the memory card has been brought to the police for inspection.

Col. Yingyot Suwanno, Superintendent of the Huai Khwang Police Station, said after calling the Grab driver to question him as a witness.

Preliminary evidence has already been obtained.

At the same time, the Taiwanese actress is not in Thailand.

But will they be called back to provide information or not?

Have to wait and see what the Royal Thai Police will say.

When asked about the interrogation of witnesses and checking some of the CCTV cameras

Are you still confident in the police under your command?

Col. Yingyot stated that this part depends on the evidence.

When asked to repeat that

In conclusion, was there a call for payment of 27,000 baht or not?

Still can't answer at this point.

Because I want to wait for clear evidence first

Therefore, it can be concluded that if the result is not as the Taiwanese actress claims

Will there be charges?

Superintendent of the Huai Khwang Police Station said that there is currently no

Did not report the charge to anyone waiting to be based on the evidence

When asked if a Thai person does an event like this

Pol. Col. Yingyot said that it's better not to compare.

because in this part is a matter of law

As for the Taiwanese actress, she has posted on Instagram that she is telling the Thai police to stop slandering her.

And ask the Thai police to open the evidence of CCTV cameras.

When asked how much confidence he had in being able to restore the reputation of the Thai police, Pol. Col. Yingyot insisted that it was based on the evidence.

if already

Everything will manifest itself.