Pro-China propaganda organizations have poured into YouTube and other platforms to promote skeptical US theories.


[Compilation of Wei Guojin/Taipei Report] Google's threat analysis team pointed out on the 26th that it intercepted more than 50,000 pro-China suspicions that the Chinese propaganda organization Dragonbridge (Dragon Bridge, or Spamouflage Dragon) attempted to spread on YouTube, blogs, and AdSense last year. American news, and the new content produced for Taiwan is particularly particular and has "high production value".

The South China Morning Post reported that "Dragon Bridge" mostly publishes garbage content such as animals, food, and sports, but occasionally spreads political discourse, such as praising China's epidemic prevention measures, criticizing Hong Kong's anti-government demonstrations, and supporting military reunification in Taiwan.

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Google researchers found that Longqiao's post was highly synergistic with China's geopolitical developments. For example, after the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan last August, Longqiao raised his tone on Taiwan.

Unlike its usual content, which is "shoddy and full of mistakes", Longqiao's new content about Taiwan has "high production value" and is uploaded to various channels through unified tags and titles. Some of the videos show the actions of the People's Liberation Army , and called on Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen to "surrender".

According to the report, after US President Joe Biden signed the "Chip and Science Act" in August last year, Longqiao's argument was exactly the same as that of Chinese state-owned media and trade organizations, accusing the US law of unfair anti-competitive measures against China.

Longqiao also spread messages criticizing the U.S. for supplying Ukrainian military equipment and claiming that the U.S. government was behind the monkeypox outbreak and China's anti-blockade protests.

Google pointed out that although the content of Dragon Bridge does not currently attract a large number of viewers, the organization continues to experiment with new methods, formats and content. , and mix political messages with high-quality lifestyle content, such as beauty and cooking advice.

Google said that "over time, the fake news produced by Longqiao may eventually attract the attention of real users."