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"It is very clear that the Bulgarian military industry exported weapons, and the fact that the Bulgarian state did not offer the government a free battle is also true. After all, Bulgarian weapons are certain to be in Ukraine," said the chairman of the Center for Development of politicians Konstantin Popov in the "Day ON AIR" studio.

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"More importantly, the political decision was made that we can provide such a weapon, because it puts us on the map of Europe, of NATO. The Black Sea region is under the world spotlight. Hiding and condescending does not look good." added Popov.

According to him, the past 2 years have been absolute darkness in politics and there is a feeling that Bulgaria is in foreign policy isolation and the "resounding Schengen slap" confirms this.

He noted that any dialogue is lost when there are no stable policies and it is denied that there is no left and right because the trust of those who follow them is lost. 

Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the USA for the tanks

"These years are very decisive, this window opens rarely, in which the world map, priorities, the world order, the world security system are rearranged and then some emerge, some sink," Popov told Bulgaria ON AIR and specified that Bulgaria did not is doing very well.

The guest believes that the Russians were not afraid of "Leopard 2", but they are not pleased with the fact that Germany will provide them to Ukraine.

"To be able to master such a complex technique by the crews themselves, by the commander, you need very serious training. It requires very complex logistics and it is even more complicated to build commanders of these tank formations who can make maximum use of their combat opportunities. It requires a lot of time, and there is talk of an upcoming Russian offensive as a result of the mobilization they carried out," commented Popov.

He expects this year to be decisive for the war and the fate of Ukraine will be decided on the battlefield, and the fate of the world security system and the place of Russia will be decided for decades, and there the main tool will be economic.

His opinion is that it is very likely that the conflict will escalate in order to find some solution because the situation is now at a stalemate.

He assumed that a diplomatic solution would surely be reached.

The guest pointed out that the list of weapons that we will give to Ukraine may have some degree of confidentiality, but it raises doubts and speculations.

Popov shared that a general framework should be given without violating the requirement for classified information.

"I think that the Bulgarian army needs modernization, but I hope that the Bulgarian soldier has preserved his fighting spirit and the desire to defend his homeland", said Popov and congratulated everyone who worked for the acquisition of the F-16, because such a serious squadron puts us in a different category.

"The modernization of ground forces is also a big problem, but serious resources will have to be invested there - from the equipment of the soldier to the acquisition of new equipment," Popov also pointed out.

Russian invasion of Ukraine

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