The metal from the pan at cold temperatures penetrates into the food

If you store food in pans with a non-stick coating or made of stainless steel, then the food will not react with them.

All because they have an inert surface.

Do not store food in the refrigerator in pans made of aluminum or copper, because they do not have a protective coating.

Food stored in such pans in the refrigerator for a long time becomes contaminated with metals, which causes health problems in the future.

As for pans with an enamel coating, they reduce the risk, but it does not disappear completely.

When there is no airtightness, dishes spoil faster and change their taste

The pans do not have airtight lids, so the products stored in them in the refrigerator are not protected from the formation of a moist environment.

And it is ideal for the growth of bacteria that contaminate food.

Please note that spoiled food can cause stomach upset and nausea.

Also, products absorb smells from the environment, and if the pan is aluminum, then its surface can react with acidic food ingredients.

Although it does not affect health, it is unpleasant to eat such food afterwards.

The pan is damaged

Storing food in the refrigerator in a pan also has a negative effect on the dishes themselves, because their surface is damaged faster.

For example, acidic or salty causes corrosion of metal, and this reduces the durability of dishes.

Moreover, carbon steel and cast iron pans are exposed to the humid environment in the refrigerator and rust as a result.

If you continue to cook food in a damaged pan, metal particles and other substances can enter the food, causing long-term health problems.

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