The Minister of Finance has appointed Zhuang Cuiyun as the appointment.

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[Reporter Zou Jingwen/Taipei Report] Zhunge Chen Jianren continued to consult cabinet candidates this afternoon. The Minister of Finance appointed Zhuang Cuiyun, the chairman of the Overseas Chinese Committee was Xu Jiaqing, and the chairman of the Original Energy Association finalized Zhang Jingwen. These three women are all deputy heads. promoted.

The remaining part of the current cabinet members is further confirmed today, including: Secretary-General Li Mengyan, political affairs committee members Lin Wanwan, Zhang Jingsen, Wu Zecheng (also the chairman of the Public Works Committee), Deng Zhenzhong, Luo Bingcheng, Gong Mingxin (also the chairman of the National Development Council), Huang Zhida, Wu Zhengzhong (who is also the chairman of the National Development Council), Li Yongde, and He Peishan, Deputy Secretary-General of Political Affairs.

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The above-mentioned three new chief ministers have added new blood to the female cabinet members of the Chen cabinet.

It is understood that Chen Jianren considers that the new pavilion must be started as quickly as possible and must be familiar with related businesses. Zhang Cuiyun has experienced many years of experience in the Ministry of Finance. He is the chief secretary, deputy director of the State-owned Property Bureau, and director of the State-owned Property Administration. Easy to handle.

Xu Jiaqing is not only the vice-chairman of political affairs of the Overseas Chinese Committee, but also served as a Taipei city councilor, spokesperson and deputy secretary-general of the Democratic Progressive Party. He has both party and government experience and can get started immediately.

Zhang Jingwen, the default chairman of the AAEA, is a major in environmental hygiene and industrial hygiene. He is a professor at the Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences at National Taiwan University. He is currently the vice-chairman of the AAEA.

Chen Jianren attended the press conference of the Presidential Palace in the morning, and then started intensive interviews to solicit willingness. The new cabinet team will take office on January 31.

Xu Jiaqing was appointed as the chairman of the Overseas Chinese Committee.

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The chairman of the original meeting finalized Zhang Jingwen.

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