To create a friendly and happy city for all ages, the Taitung County Government spares no effort.

(Photo by reporter Chen Xianyi)

[Reporter Chen Xianyi/Taitung Report] To arouse the public's attention to the elderly, the county government has combined social resources to promote many elderly programs; the county magistrate Rao Qingling expressed the hope that through the welfare services for the elderly, a friendly environment for the elderly will be created, the welfare of the elderly will be improved, and the elderly will be strengthened. According to the service system, create a friendly and happy city for the elderly.

Rao Qingling said that Taitung County has entered a super-aged society, and the long-term needs are increasing day by day. In order to implement a good environment for the elderly, the county government has built a new children and family welfare center, a youth welfare service center, and a social welfare and senior building to create a happy space for all-age care. Properly take care of the elderly, with the vision of service first, inheritance and innovation, and participation of county residents.

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Chen Shulan, director of social affairs, pointed out that welfare services for the elderly are uninterrupted, including economic security, elderly services, health maintenance, independent elderly services, social participation, and long-term care. Mirror activities, free presbyopia glasses for the elderly over 60 years old, promotion of care visits and welfare services for the elderly, handling emergency rescue connections, combining smart technology to protect the elders, and for the first time promoting the "Independent Advocacy and Care Program for the Elderly in Institutions", allowing residents living in The elderly in the institution also have spokespersons to speak out and protect their rights.

In addition, there are currently 92 community care bases, 12 Jufu canteens, and 103 cultural and health stations in the county to provide mutual services. The coverage rate of long-term care services is about 77%, ranking third in the country, allowing elders to enjoy healthy and natural aging in a familiar environment For the first time, courses such as physical fitness and nostalgia innovation were brought into community care and care bases to prevent and delay disability. Painting" to encourage social participation of the elderly.

The Social Affairs Department said that it is also continuing to promote the Evergreen Academy. It is no longer limited to calligraphy and music. It also offers smart phone APP applications, mobile phone photography, and introductory classes in digital audio-visual production. There are 95 classes, including 60 short-term courses, and 35 classes in the township Changqing Academy. It is expected that the elders will be able to choose courses online in mid-February. Elders who have not yet registered as members of the Evergreen Academy can register online as soon as possible.