Join the initiative and involve your loved ones:

  • Buy any "Flint", "Chipster's", "San Sanich" or "Big Bob" product marked "Heroes in touch".

  • Look for a chip with a code in the package.

  • Register it on the website or in Viber or Telegram chatbots.

  • Receive 5 hryvnias and in one click choose where to send the funds - to your mobile account or to the walkie-talkie.

  • You buy more Ukrainian snacks - you sponsor more walkie-talkies for the Defenders, because the bank of the initiative is more than 20 million hryvnias.

    Go to the landing page and follow the collection update online.

    So far, it has already been possible to collect the first million hryvnias and purchase the first batch of radios!

    Each of your 5 hryvnias for the benefit of the Armed Forces accelerates the achievement of the goal.

    So buy Ukrainian chips, peanuts, crackers or seeds for yourself, your loved ones, friends, enjoy these snacks in the company, at home, at work - and thereby do good deeds.

    It is thanks to you that the Defenders will always be in touch, so they will have additional advantages over the enemy.

    Our Heroes are in great need of radios - so they will have constant communication within the unit, will be able to effectively coordinate their actions, transmit intelligence, and quickly adjust fire.

    Often, walkie-talkies literally save the lives of our Defenders.

    On the registration site, see how quickly the jar fills up, and on the Facebook and Instagram pages, read reports on the support of the ZSU: "Chipster's", "Flint", "San Sanich" and "Big Bob".

    Your small help is an important contribution to the common Victory!