Vice President Lai Ching-teh (middle) went south to Kaohsiung today to distribute blessing bags with ginseng incense, and the third stop came to Kaohsiung Guandi Temple.

(Photo by reporter Ge Youhao)

[Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report] President Tsai Ing-wen held a press conference at the Presidential Palace on the morning of the 27th, announcing that former Vice President Chen Jianren will take over as the Premier.

In this regard, when the Vice President Lai Qingde was in Kaohsiung, he first thanked Su Zhenchang for his four years of dedication, and hoped that Chen Jianren would show the spirit of a religious philanthropist, bring warmth and care to the society, and give full play to the pragmatic and rational spirit of a scientist. Solve various problems at home and abroad.

Today, Lai Qingde went to 5 temples in Kaohsiung to distribute lucky bags for the Year of the Rabbit. The third stop came to Guandi Temple in Kaohsiung. Since President Tsai Ing-wen announced in the morning that former Vice President Chen Jianren would take over as the Chief Executive, Lai Qingde also stopped in this new personnel matter. Interviewed.

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First of all, Lai Qingde thanked Dean Su Zhenchang for his four-year tenure, actively serving, leading the team not only to successfully defend against African swine fever, but also to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on Taiwan.

Lai said that President Su is also pragmatically facing various domestic challenges, including the aging population, the number of children, and various social problems faced by young people. Get more space internationally.

Lai Qingde said that President Su has promoted a number of major constructions in China, and has made great achievements. Today, he has relieved the burden. He would like to say thank you to President Su: "President Su, you have worked hard!"

Lai Qingde also thanked Chen Jianren, "willing to take the country as his own responsibility and shoulder this heavy responsibility when the country is most difficult."

"The country is currently facing many challenges at home and abroad, and the problems are also very big. Under such circumstances, Vice President Chen Jianren is willing to shoulder the heavy responsibility." He is very grateful in his heart.

Lai Qingde said that Vice President Chen Jianren is a religious man with the compassion of a religious man, and a scientist with a rational and pragmatic spirit. I hope he can lead the team in the future. In addition to completing the various missions assigned by President Tsai Ing-wen, " It can show the spirit of a religious philanthropist and bring warmth and care to the society. It can also give play to the pragmatic and rational spirit of a scientist to solve various problems at home and abroad one by one," so that the country can continue to progress and the people's long-term peace and stability, "Cheer, Dean Chen!"