Delicious Cauliflower Recipes: Many types of recipes can be made from cauliflower.

special things

  • Cabbage is considered beneficial for health.

  • Cabbage is low in calories which can help in weight loss.

  • Many types of nutrients are found in cabbage.

Winter-Special Gobi Recipes: Cabbage is such a vegetable which is considered full of taste and health.

The taste of fresh cauliflower that comes in the winter season is different.

And the best thing is that we can include it in our diet in many ways.

Because many types of recipes can be made from cabbage.

In fact, parathas are most liked in breakfast in every Indian household.

You will find countless varieties of parathas.

If you are also looking for healthy and tasty recipes for breakfast, then you can prepare many delicious dishes from cabbage.

So let's know without any delay the recipes made from cabbage.

Nutrients found in Cauliflower - Nutrients Value of Cauliflower:

Carotenoid, flavonoid, ascorbic acid, anti-oxidant, vitamin-C, folate, vitamin A, vitamin B, fiber, protein and essential minerals are found in cauliflower, which can benefit the body in many ways. 

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Here Are 5 Delicious Cauliflower Recipes:

1. Cabbage Spicy-

If you are also bored of eating simple vegetables, then you can try spicy cabbage.

It is made with the classic desi flavor of tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic and spices.

Click here for the complete recipe. 

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2. Chili Cabbage-

If you also like Indo-Chinese food, then you are going to like this Chilli Cabbage very much.

It can be easily made at home in less time.

Click here for the complete recipe.

3. Curd Cabbage-

It may seem a bit strange to hear curd cabbage.

But believe me, if you try it once, you will like to make it again and again.

In this recipe curd is used in curry.

Click here for the complete recipe. 

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4. Cabbage Potato-

Aloo gobi is an Indian classic vegetable.

Aloo gobi ki sabji is the most liked in every Indian household.

From children to elders like to eat it.

Click here for the complete recipe.  

5. Cabbage Paratha-

Cabbage Paratha is a delicious recipe.

You can make it for breakfast lunch.

The best thing is that it is full of taste as well as health.

Click here for the complete recipe.  

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