The 11th Taipei International Animation Festival kicked off on the 27th, with an influx of 95,000 visitors throughout the day, making the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall crowded with crowds.

(Photo by reporter Wu Boxuan)

[Reporter Wu Baixuan/Taipei Report] The 11th Taipei International Animation Festival opened today (27th), with an influx of 95,000 people on the first day, an increase of 15% compared to last year's 82,000 people, and it was the first time since the border was unsealed due to the epidemic. At an animation event, various manufacturers estimated that their performance growth would range from 5% to 30%. Many first-sale products, limited edition boutiques, and even lucky bags were sold out, and the buying momentum has recovered, even more than before the epidemic.

Affected by the Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) epidemic, the animation industry's annual exhibitions such as the Taipei International Animation Festival and Comic Expo have also been implicated. This year coincides with the gradual unblocking of the global epidemic, and Taiwan also lifted the border in October last year. Today, the animation festival will open, and it will be held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center for 5 consecutive days. Today, fans have crowded the venue.

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According to statistics from the organizers, the number of visitors to today's animation festival is as high as 95,000, which is at least 15% more than last year's 82,000.

Before the exhibition opened this morning, a large number of animation fans lined up to crowd the nearby MRT station, and a large amount of space was arranged in the exhibition hall to accommodate the queues of various manufacturers, but the crowds of other visitors who did not enter the booth were also very enthusiastic. Today's visits to the exhibition are full of water, such as stage performances, lucky bag sales, etc., are all crowded and unable to move. It is estimated that you will have to queue for at least 2 to 3 hours to enter the booth for shopping.

And crowds are equal to money, and this year's animation festival is held during the Chinese New Year, which happens to be a good time to snatch anime fans' red envelopes for the Chinese New Year.

Many exhibitors had expected a large crowd and prepared goods in advance, but they still exceeded expectations, allowing the performance of this year's animation festival to return to its pre-epidemic glory.

For example, Kapok Company pointed out that it plans to sell 7 big lucky bags today. As of 3 or 4 p.m., two of them have been sold out, including "Lycoris Recoil" and "Love in Love with Dress-up Dolls". Overall, at least 2,000 lucky bags have been sold, and the sales are expected to grow by 20 to 30 percent compared to last year.

Taiwan Dongfan Company said that today’s best-selling products include BoyLove comics new products such as "Love Tyrant 13 Special Edition", as well as Japanese boutique lucky bags, such as BL lucky bags, which also have a 50% discount. The overall performance growth is currently estimated to be 5% higher than last year. % to 10%.

Faced with the crowds at today’s anime festival, Taiwan’s Kadokawa said: “It’s completely back to the level before the epidemic!” Compared with last year, this year’s buying momentum is very strong, and the sales are expected to grow by 20%. The works that sold out on the first day include The manga "Summer of Light Gone (1)" was the first to be sold at the exhibition. In addition, the 90cm noren product of "The Neighbor Ellie Who Whispers in Russian from Time to Time" was also sold on the first day, which shows that the work is very popular.

The 11th Taipei International Animation Festival has regained its previous popularity, and the buying momentum is also full. Some of the limited-edition lucky bags launched by manufacturers were sold out on the first day.

(Photo by reporter Wu Boxuan)