A video showing an unusual phenomenon in Kyiv appeared on the Internet.

Hundreds of crows "attack" the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.

Journalist Andriy Tsaplienko published the video on social networks. 

"The invasion of crows over the Pechersk Lavra. The Russians say that this is a sign of the capture of the Lavra by an evil force. But judging by the fact that the crows are freezing, the "evil force" is leaving the Lavra. The Ukrainian Church is returning the spiritual heritage captured by the enemy," he jokingly captioned the video. 

Experts will explain that the coordinated flight is called murmuration of birds.

It has nothing to do with the afterlife or war.

People say that it is before the weather changes. 

We will remind you that hundreds of crows recently gathered at one of the stadiums in the city center.

The birds simply "captured" the NTK stadium named after

Bannikova, near NSC "Olimpiyskiy".

As explained to TSN.ua at the Kyiv Zoo, the crows are simply looking for food.

This has nothing to do with the war or missile attacks.

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