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On January 24, a 53-year-old man attacked his neighbor with a knife, then barricaded himself in his home.

Police and Ambulance arrive at the scene.

The attacker was detained for 24 hours, which have already passed, Nova TV reported.

Neighbors are worried that the man will return and attack again.

It turns out that this is not the first such incident on the block.

"On the evening of the 24th, my husband went out to the neighborhood store.

After 10-15 minutes he came back, his whole face was covered in blood, I also saw a knife.

I called 112 to call an ambulance and the police," said the wife of the victim.

A mentally ill person attacked a neighbor in Lyulin, barricaded himself

"He told me that the neighbor in question tried to stab him, threatened to cut his throat.

He attacked him in the back, pierced him, close to the arteries.

He cut his mouth open.

It turned out that there were quite deep puncture wounds around the neck", explained the wife.

According to her, other neighbors also suffered from aggression.

The woman claims that the neighbor in question was slashing car tires in front of the block.

In addition, he targeted bottles and jars.

"He hit me in the head with an umbrella.

We have written many complaints.

1-2 years ago he tried to light the input.

He was taken in for treatment, but he was released, with a prosecutor's decision that he was no longer dangerous," explained the woman.

She explained that the neighbor in question lives with his elderly mother.

The prosecutor's office in Sofia explained that the man will be charged with attempted murder.

A measure of "detention in custody" will be requested.