While ordering from an online clothing store, a girl came across a chilling note that arrived with her purchased dress.

Amanda, as the girl is called, used her TikTok account to share with her followers the traumatic text she found while unwrapping her purchase.

In the published video, one can see how, when removing the dress, several pieces of paper fall out of the package, one of which reads "You will die in this outfit."

After reading the note, Amanda makes a video of herself noting the name of the virtual store where she made the purchase.

From there, however, they have not yet reacted in any way to her "discovery".

She is adamant that what happened was not staged and that she has no intention of trying on the dress, even if it is "black humor".

@michigansmiles84 #shein @shein_official #sheinhaul #sheingals #sheinfashionweek @SHEIN_Official @SHEIN_News @SHEIN_Japan please explain the attached video.

I ordered on Jan 15th, this dress and others.

Upon opening the inner Shein package, 6 pieces of folded over papers fell out.

I am scared and worried and called the local police.

This is not a joke.

I will not be wearing or trying on this dress, even if it is a joke.

#worried original sound - Amanda