A female college student armed with a wooden knife rushed into the police station and waved at the police for sentencing. The picture shows Miaoli Diyuan.

(file photo)

[Reporter Cai Zhengmin/Miaoli Report] A female college student surnamed Cai in Miaoli City rushed into the Nanmiao Police Station of the Miaoli Sub-bureau at 5:00 a.m. at the end of September last year with an uncontrolled knife, and waved it at the police on duty. After that, the police quickly sprayed pepper water to subdue him.

The Miaoli District Prosecutor’s Office prosecuted Ms. Cai for the crime of obstructing public affairs. After being heard by the judge of the Miaoli District Court, she believed that the facts of Ms. Cai’s involvement in the case were clear, and sentenced Ms. Cai to 6 months’ imprisonment for the crime of obstructing public affairs. day.

Confiscation of the wooden handle knife in the case, probation for 2 years, and 50,000 yuan should be paid to the public treasury, and the second session of legal education held by the local procuratorate that accepted the execution should be accepted during the probation period, and handed over to protection and control during the probation period.

In addition, as to whether Cai's entry into the police station with a knife involved attempted murder, the prosecutor of the Miaoli District Prosecutor's Office believed that although Cai walked into the police station with a knife at that time, the knife held by Cai was immediately seized and suppressed by the police at the scene. Although Ms. Cai brandished a knife due to her emotional instability, Ms. Ms. Cai had no animosity with the police at the scene. It was impossible to determine Ms. Ms. Cai's intention to kill, so she did not prosecute for attempted homicide.