At first they said I was starving because there was no food in the shops.

Then - that I am about to freeze, because there will be no heating in winter.

And then January 2023 came, in my apartment +22, as a snack, I gnaw almonds and read a new harsh truth about my life, revealed by another servant of Lukashenka's regime.

It turns out that nobody needs me here, nobody will marry me or spend a penny on me.

All that remains is to look for a Belarusian or a Russian in order to get at least some money from them.

However, it is not clear where they got the money from in EZ.

The men here are also starving, freezing, and about to start eating pigeons, hamsters, and in general, anything they can get their hands on.

Does Oleg Gaidukevich mean that Belarusians, unlike local men, will share the last rat in the district?

That's how I imagine it: I go out into the street, there are everywhere locals waiting for me to "take everything, use it and throw it in the garbage", and only noble Belarusians and Russians, holding their heads high, pass by, holding fresh loot in their hands.

I pass them with a hungry look, a tear is slowly running down my cheek.

Realizing that even today I was not lucky, because there are not enough Belarusians and Russians for everyone, I go to the only place in this part of the city where there is internet, and with all my might I am looking for information on how to contact the special commission and find out under what conditions Lukashenka will take me back to Belarus.

Well, seriously, is it somehow supposed to look like this?

It seems that Gaidukevich watched too many low-quality TV series and read the wet fantasies of anonymous people on the Internet, who are sure that the only purpose of a woman's life is to find a man who will give her money and - if she is particularly lucky - get married.

"What fate awaits her?

Terrible fate.

Who needs it?

They won't get married, Europeans will cheat, they don't need a wife, they don't spend money on girls," says the Belarusian official.

But who is it intended for?

On the mythical Belarusian women who go to EZ in search of a rich husband to be his appendage?

Here, Gaidukevich will be surprised if one day he learns that women in emigration usually want independence, so that, if one appears, they will be with a partner for joy, and not because he is vitally necessary to pay the bills.

All Belarusian women already have the experience of living in dependence on the wishes of one man.

Thanks, no more.

We have had enough of Lukashenka, who considers himself both father and God, and the only source of other people's happiness.

Of course, among Belarusian women who have gone abroad, there will be a certain number of those who want a patriarchal relationship in which she is beautiful and he is rich, but this, let's be honest, is very far from the mainstream.

Still, dependence on someone else's wallet is not the most pleasant and predictable thing.

And completely unattractive when there are more sustainable alternatives.

Even though I broke up!

Haidukevich better knows how we live here and what women need in general.

I will go and read the news.

Mo, one of the propagandists has already told where in EZ you can sell a couple of your organs so as not to die of hunger while you wait for your Russian or Belarusian.

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  • Nasta Zakharevich

    Freelance journalist, radical feminist