"Natthawut", the director of the Pheu Thai family, reiterates his position, not creating a dispute with "Jatuporn" after the filling, please stop moving, do not destroy the intentions of "Pae Thong Than", move forward with the goal for Thailand slide "Ing "to the red eyes, with tears in his eyes, told "Jatuphon" to talk about his father, he had nothing to clarify.  

On January 27, 2023, Mr. Nuttawut Saikua, Pheu Thai Family Director

Referring to the case of Mr. Jatuporn Prompan, leader of the People's Assembly, former leader of the UDD.

Came out to say that Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, the former prime minister, is all Pheu Thai Party going to take action or respond that we have no way to retaliate or expand the dispute area with Mr Jatuporn.

and other people who open up critical issues

that has nothing to do with politics or work in the election field

We declare our commitment

hard work

To bring democracy back into government, take the Pheu Thai Party's policy to solve problems for the people.

Even though the event has passed until now

He never felt hostile towards Mr. Jatuporn in person, the matter that happened should be resolved in his attitude.

Let us do the election work as we try to offer to the people.

If what they say is uncomfortable

We do not quarrel with Mr. Jatuporn.

But if you turn to yourself

is ready to continue working on behalf of the family director for Pheu Thai

without showing hostility

Everyone in Pheu Thai Party

are brothers and sisters hugging each other's necks

Today, many people come to work to bring the country out of the crisis for 8 years. Let us concentrate on doing our duty.

In the past, many people have side with Thaksin throughout the election.

And today, I stand beside Ms. Phae Thong Than, the head of the Pheu Thai family.

with the heart of a red shirt

Growing up among the bereaved of the Red Shirts

May the head of the family perform the duties that the people have hoped for.

Thailand is waiting for an opportunity.

When asked about the expose of Mr. Jatuporn

will destroy confidence

The trust of the new generation of red shirts

Who goes to support the Kao Klai Party?

must be another reason

It's not the story that Mr. Jatuporn opened up about at this time.

The Red Shirt brothers and sisters still support the Pheu Thai Party.

We went to the area and met the red shirts.

He believed that those powers were ready to fight in the election field together.

For the Red Shirts who are unsatisfied with representing the Pheu Thai Party.

To apply as a potential candidate

MPs of that party

Everything has a recruiting process.

In the past, at the launch, there were candidates from the red shirts.

But political parties cannot allocate based on the needs of any particular group of people.

There must be several factors to consider.

and must respect the decision

The Pheu Thai Party has never abandoned or hurt the spirit of the Red Shirts.

causing emotional damage to each other

I hope that when entering the election situation after the dissolution of the House of Representatives

Red shirt brothers and sisters will be able to review and hold hands together.

because the Pheu Thai Party has a land slide goal

It has nothing to do with bringing Thaksin back home, but sending Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha and Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan back home. This is the only way to form a Pheu Thai government.

However, the reporter noticed Ms. Pae Thong Than.

Red eyes and tears in his eyes to ask whether he was shocked by the incident or not.

Ms. Phae Thong Than said that in the past, she had participated in various events.

with a lot of red shirts

There was a catastrophic loss.

close acquaintance died

No matter how many times he spoke, he was shocked.

Even if Mr. Jatuporn came out to talk about his father, there was nothing to clarify.