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As a result of procedures carried out with the financial support of the Municipal Fund for Assisted Reproduction in Troyan, 16 children were born.

In 2022 alone, with the help of the Fund, three babies cried.

This was announced by Biserka Petrova, secretary of the Municipal Commission for the fight against anti-social behavior of minors and a member of the commission for assisted reproduction in Troyan, BTA reported.

She recalled that the Municipal Fund for assisted reproduction and treatment of reproductive diseases of families and persons living on a family basis in the municipality of Troyan was established by a decision of the Municipal Council in Troyan and has been operating for ten years.

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For the period since its establishment, the Fund received and processed a total of 79 applications for the use of funds, 122,710 BGN were approved and paid.

Of these, in 2022 BGN 21,703 were paid to eleven married couples with reproductive problems from the municipality of Troyan.

According to the Regulations, a family or a couple with reproductive problems are granted funds in the amount of up to BGN 2,000 per year.

There is a tendency for couples who applied for the use of funds from the fund in the previous year to re-submit documents for financing procedures until a positive result is achieved, Petrova added.

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