A turning point in the war in Ukraine may come at the beginning of summer, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine will gather enough resources for a major counteroffensive.

This opinion was expressed in an exclusive interview with TSN.ua by former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine,

Mykola Malomuzh



urgency of offensive operations for the liberation of our country should be in the spring-early summer

, when we can generate the best forces, coordinate, prepare operations and carry out specific actions to destroy the enemy - both reserves on the approaches and resources on the front line. This real time," said Malomuzh.

According to him, by then,

Russia will not have superpowerful resources to restrain the offensive actions of the Armed Forces, especially the armored forces that Ukraine is receiving today


The former head of intelligence commented on a possible counteroffensive of the Armed Forces:

"We will prepare strikes, we will carry out diversionary operations unexpectedly for the enemy, and the main strikes where he does not expect. And we will proceed, having prepared reserves, to the offensive, because we need to hold the flanks and rear, as we remember from the Kharkiv grouping. They really went far there, they could reach all the way to Luhansk, but they were not ready to protect our rear and flanks, and it could be an encirclement. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare such an operation so that there are reserves, the main offensive operations go on, others ensure all possible actions of the enemy from the flanks and rear areas. This will give the prospect of a powerful movement.

In the south, we will enter the Crimea on the shoulders of panic, and in the east we will liberate the Luhansk and Donetsk regions


Earlier, military expert 

Oleksandr Musienko

said that now the Ukrainian Armed Forces are at the stage preceding the counteroffensive, which is "accumulation of resources for this important stage with the help of our partners who give us weapons."

Military expert 

Dmytro Snegiriov

 said that the Russians are currently considering the possibility of a counteroffensive of the Armed Forces in the Zaporozhye direction as one of the priorities.

Reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

Roman Svitan

 notes that an alternative for the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be the Luhansk region - the Swativsko-Kreminny direction.

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