Pages split together. For a police organization?

After a Chinese woman reviews a VIP trip to Thailand via social media

Let friends in the People's Republic of China more than 1,400 million people get to know.

received overwhelming attention

Became the most popular viral trend in China!

If you don't think much

It's just a convenience purchase.

like wealthy people around the world do

But when the clip spreads to Thailand

Can't help but criticize?

Because in the picture, there is a policeman taking care of him since he gets off the plane, passes through the immigration checkpoint, collects his luggage, sits in a police car, and has a lead car open to ask for directions from the villagers who use the road.

to a 5-star hotel in Pattaya quickly and exclusively within 1 hour.

The service price is only 7,000 baht!

Thai people see it right away. Their eyes are hot and scold each other.

Hot to the National Police Agency (Sq.) ordered to check and found a police officer at the level of Deputy Inspector.

TAT Nai Nueng

with 2 other non-commissioned police officers

Therefore, he was appointed an examination committee to protect himself according to the regulations.

because it is considered an abuse of authority

earn a living by transporting tourists

Doesn't really go into the VIP care regimen of the Royal Thai Police!?

as you know

VIP care is real.

But it depends on the person whether the grade is reached or not?

But in today's world, people can change their lives quickly from the poor to the middle class.

from middle class to rich

When I have money, I want to have the power to accept and respect.

Regarding VIP facilities

it has been a long time

You can try asking the person with a fierce face to check this out.

There's no way it's over, is it?

When the master or the authority orders, it can still be done for free.

Secretly making a living, what will it be?

If it's like that, it's better to open a VIP service to make money into the state.

Better than hiding and hiding money into someone's pocket?

United baht