Diamonds are made under pressure

The Australian Open has reached the final this weekend.

The men of color lost a lot when Rafael Nadal was not in a duel with Novak Djokovic as expected.

While the women's side, Ika Zviatek, is the strongest in this list.

Falling since round 3 is a normal phenomenon in sports.

no one stays forever

Opening the second half of the season, the first game of Thai League 1, big teams like Buriram United, Chonburi FC, Bangkok United and Port Authority FC started with a victory as expected, except for Ratchaburi FC playing at home. Really, but lost to Khon Kaen United 0-2 in a collapsed lock, falling from the top four painfully

Kicked through 16 matches, Lampang FC only had 9 points, the news that "Hia Yue" Suchok Lertwattana Gomes pretended to be unable to continue, as for the neighboring team like Lamphun Warrior of Pongsiri Tharawong The battle has not given up. The latest rivalry with Chiang Rai United is intense 1-1. Satisfied with true Lamphun cheerleaders like "Ruddy" Nawat Chai, a small celebrity DJ organization of FM 99.

The protagonist of this Thai Weekend League, Buriram United, the quality and freshness of the players are superior to Chonburi FC Parekwian and also play at home.

Must come and see the smarts.

"Genius coach" collects, meets Prasert, how well he can fight

As for the English Premier League, there is a space for the FA Cup to duel. There is a big match, Manchester City and Arsenal, who roasted both Premier League champions. Thinking positively, whoever loses will focus on just one big cup. single

But when it's time, probably no one will give up on anyone.

Ending the day with a Buddhist proverb Lobho Dhammanang Paripantho Greed harms everything.

Whoever lives with dishonesty

use power to seek benefits

There is greed, both fortune, rank, and praise as the location, sooner or later there will be danger to oneself. 

“VAR ”